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2 Sep

New World Development Company Limited launches K11 - The "First Art Mall" is here

New World Development and the Urban Renewal Authority today launched K11, a remarkable addition to New World Development's portfolio of landmark buildings across Hong Kong and the Mainland. The first Art Mall in Hong Kong, the inspiration behind K11 was to combine an art gallery with a shopping mall. Along with a five-star hotel and luxury residential component, K11's exclusive retail space in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui will bring people, nature and art together to appeal to all five senses in a way never before realised in a shopping destination.

Involved at every step, overseeing every detail of K11's design and construction is Adrian Cheng, Executive Director of New World Development, the visionary behind the project. Bringing his personal love of and devotion to local art in this revolutionary Art Mall, Cheng has also personally chosen the pieces in K11's permanent collection, which will include sculptures, paintings and interactive art installations.

In addition, with a mission in promoting local arts to the Hong Kong community, retrospectives from creative luminaries from Hong Kong will regularly be on display through special local partnerships that bring never-before-seen art works to K11.

Cheng said of the one-of-a-kind project: "The special features found only in K11 are dedicated to making interaction with art a part of life and shopping experience. Catering to every art lover, fashionista and gourmand that walks through the doors, K11 has more than 10 showcase windows on different floors and will allow shoppers to view art pieces while they shop from door to door. Using different forms of art to inspire shoppers, K11 is the unique experience beyond a New World of imagination."

Located at the hub of the city, K11 is accessible by nearly every mode of transportation in Hong Kong: literally by MTR, train and automobile. With new, modern infrastructure and facilities, K11 will become an integral part of Tsim Sha Tsui's architectural landscape, and make a statement by enhancing the social fabric of Hong Kong.

As the Flagship Gallery proves, fashion is art. An architecturally unique retail space, it has attracted world-renowned labels, bringing new designers and the flagship stores of the world's most desired brands to Hong Kong. The natural beauty and wonder of lush, green flora and fauna become a permanent fixture for Hong Kong residents and visitors alike with the addition of K11's new Skylight Piazza, an oasis featuring a European garden under a glass ceiling, through which natural light can paint its own unique pictures throughout the day. Appealing to all five senses, smell and taste receive special attention at the Gourmet Tower. With over 20 food and beverage outlets, some of which are exclusive to Hong Kong, this gastronomic experience is truly like no other, and K11 is definitely the Dining Destination of Tsim Sha Tsui.

In total, K11 comprises six storeys with 340,000 square feet of modern-day gallery where art, designer goods, the natural world and exquisite cuisine present a variation on the theme of shopping. Innovative and unique in its conception and realised form today, K11 has changed the way that Hong Kong lives, promoting art as not just a thing of beauty, but as a way of life.