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26 Apr

New World Department Store Establishes Foothold in Zhengzhou

Brand new “Living Gallery” commenced operation Creating a new spot for fashionable living

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS" or the "Company"; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in the PRC, is pleased to announce that the Company's first store in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou New World Department Store ("Zhengzhou Store"), commenced operation on 22 April 2011.

Situated at a prime location, Zhengzhou Store is at the junction of Zijingshan Road and Shangcheng Road in Zijingshan district, a prosperous commercial district. Apart from luxury hotels, there are sophisticated commercial facilities in the vicinity, such as office buildings and banks, commanding high shopper traffic and potential for consumer spending. Zhengzhou Store is on a premium section of Zhiingshan Road with convenient transportation of Metro 1 and Metro 2, as well as a number of bus routes. The convenient location facilitates customers coming to the store to fulfill their needs of shopping, indicating the infinite potential growth of Zhengzhou Store.

Consisting of 4-storey with gross floor area of approximately 35,500 sq.m. as well as nearly 900 car parking spaces, Zhengzhou Store is positioned as one-stop shopping "Living Gallery" which targets people of all ages and both genders, catering for their needs in terms of "Clothing", "Dining", "Living", "Travelling" and "Entertainment". In line with the catchphrase of "Buy Shoes? Go to New World!", the new store introduces over 50 foorwear brands to establish the largest shoes outlet in Zhengzhou. In addition, a brand outlet selling a variety of individualized products, ladies' wears, outdoor equipment and household products is located on the forth floor, satisfying female customers who are keen on exploring low-cost products. The brand new Zhengzhou Store makes a breakthrough to replace the conventional store's category basis by allocating the delectable range of food and beverage on each floor, including hot pot, Western food and Korean barbecue. It is expected that the purchase desire will be stimulated by sniffing the aroma, tying in with our strategy of taste marketing. Moreover, themed food festivals and cooking classes will be organized regularly; Zhengzhou Store is indeed a new and exciting hot spot for delicacy enthusiasts. The opening of the new self-owned Zhengzhou Store increases the Company's total number of stores to 37, while the aggregate gross floor area will rise to about 1,260,000 sq.m..

To create an unprecedented shopping experience to our customers, Zhengzhou Store furnishes a refined resting place named "Rest Space", providing WiFi coverage for the convenience of customers to connect to the internet anytime. What's more? A series of tailor-made services are customized to VIP customers, comprising VIP corner, VIP private sale and free parking concessions. The VIP lounge provides a comfortable environment and it is well-equipped with computers, coffee machine and massage chairs which is exclusively provided to VIP members, bringing unparalleled shopping enjoyment to discerning customers.

The design of the new Living Gallery is shaped as "Environmental Paradise". With the reddish-orange theme colour, the splendour of nature's elements like butterfly, flower, forest, rainbow, grassland and river have been incorporated into every corner of the store, delivering a lively and relaxing shopping atmosphere. In the meantime, it also heightens the public's green awareness. Shopping in Zhengzhou Store, customers can pursuit "Enriching Lives.Enriching Character" with the natural surroundings.

Mr. Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS said, "In line with ‘radiation city' strategy of NWDS, we expand our business from Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, into the potential Zhengzhou in Henan Province on the periphery by opening Zhengzhou Store. The new store is positioned as one-stop shopping ‘Living Gallery' that brings a brand new shopping experience to Zhengzhou customers. In accordance with the innovative spirit of NWDS, the new store introduces a variety of footwear brands and F&B to differentiate itself from the competitors on the periphery. In addition, we will continue to stick to our four commitments on price, service, environment and products to provide a unique shopping experience to our customers. Together with the newly opened Zhengzhou Store, we have 8 stores in Central China Region spanning over Wuhan, Changsha and Zhengzhou, further consolidate the competitive edge brought by ‘multiple presences in a single city' and ‘radiation city' strategies."