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4 Apr

New World China Land Supported Earth Hour for Consecutive 3 Years

New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land" or "the Group", HKSE Code: 917), together with its nationwide property projects, again showed strong support for the WWF-sponsored Earth Hour campaign and turned off light for one hour at half past eight in the evening, showing the determination and commitment of New World China towards low carbon and environmental protection.

In the evening on March 26, 2011, all property projects located in 20 cities under New World China Land jointly participated in this event. In addition to turn off lights of the commercial properties and neon lights from 20:30 to 21:30, New World China Land also asked its employees and 70,000 owners for a joint participation in this event, encouraged them to support this event in their residence or guestrooms and called for gradual low-carbon life in their daily practice. Among them, the participating units included some famous landmark properties under its management, such as Beijing New World Center Phase 1 and 2 Projects, Dalian New World Mansion, Shanghai Hong Kong New World Mansion, and Tianjin New World Plaza. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Star Boulevard, Hong Kong K11 Art Shopping Mall and The Masterpiece under the management of New World Group also actively participated in this event.

As a company committed to environmental protection and corporate social responsibility, New World China Land fully understands the imminent challenges due to global climate changes and will have more considerations on application of green and environment-friendly technologies in the future project development. In respect of community life, New World China Land will advocate for concern about climate changes among the communities and wider public via various environmental activities, encouraging the public for active low carbon life and trying more low-carbon practices in daily life.

The Earth Hour campaign was first launched by WWF in Sydney in 2007, which has become a worldwide event since the last two years. In 2009, about 1 billion people of over 4000 cities from total 88 countries, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Chinese Mainland, responded to the event.