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16 Dec

New World China Land receives Best Corporate Citizen Award and Happy Community Award

New World China Land Limited ("NWCL") has been awarded 2011 China Best Corporate Citizen Award for five consecutive years in "The 8th China Best Corporate Citizen Award" organised by 21st Century Business Herald and 21st Century Business Review under the national media corporation - 21th Century Newspaper. NWCL is the only Hong Kong enterprise in the 30 award-winning local and multinational companies.

The judging panel praised and honored NWCL for its positive contribution to the society, in the aspects such as local sustainable development, and actively participating in social welfare undertakings, promoting the corporate volunteer team. NWCL is dedicated to promoting the development and exploration of environmentally friendly and low-carbon products and its design, and through the project's overall environmental transformation of existing buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Wuhan New World Trade Tower and Wuhan New World Center have been transformed recently. It is expected to achieve a total saving electricity of about 1.09 million kWh/year and reducing building carbon emissions of about 1,086 tons/year. In addition, NWCL paid special attention to the healthy development of the industry chain, caring of the huge vulnerable group, the construction workers, and actively guiding them melting into the city life.

Continually operating healthy environment of the community, building a harmonious community, are always the goal of NWCL as the city builder. NWCL joined hands with in a number of public agencies to explore in many aspects to create a community exchange platform suitable for citizen from all walks of life. NWCL operated with iFAIR China Fair Trade Center to develop parent-child handicraft market in the communities built by NWCL, to encourage property owners and the surrounding public to organize regular workshops, and to advocate the community residents with their children turning waste material in home into treasures. Together with NWCL's national corporate volunteer organization "New World volunteers team", NWCL promotes the ideas of low-carbon energy, loving other the neighborhood and so on in the communities and even extended to a wider range of the public. NWCL has recruited over 1000 members in the volunteer team located in 11 cities nationwide, and the volunteer service hours are more than 2,000 hours in the whole country.

Since 2004, the China Best Corporate Citizen Award organized by the national well-known financial media - 21st Century Business Herald and 21st Century Business Review, is intended to find and record a series of meaningful examples of corporate best practices, not only redefining the mean of good business, but also establishing a benchmark for China's successful enterprises.

Meanwhile, NWCL with the representative of Guangzhou Park Paradise community is providing value for owners in supporting, culture, and many other services, in long-term commitment to create a happy community of the New World. NWCL was awarded by the 21st Century Research Center of GNH the 2011 Happiest Community Practice Case Award, NWCL is the only Hong Kong enterprise in seven companies in a national wide range.

GNH (Gross National Happiness) research center is established by the 21st Century Media, and cooperated with Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other leading academic institutions to dedicate to create a national professional GNH research organization, paying attention to China's Gross National Happiness and its core problem, and the key trends. With the advantages of the media, in addition to the power of academic institutions, it advocates the concept of happiness, promote China's Gross National Happiness urge the community to concern about the happiness and understand the true meaning of life besides striving for the economic growth.