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15 Jan

New World China Land receive "2006 China Outstanding Real Estate Corporate Citizen" award

New World China Land has received the first ever annual "2006 China Outstanding Real Estate Corporate Citizen" award on 10 January in Beijing, New World China Land is also the only Hong Kong developer to receive this award among all the local and national developers. 

The joint organizers of Corporate Citizen Committee and national media China Real Estate Business intend to raise the awareness and set the standard for the property industry through awarding outstanding developers in embracing corporate social responsibility as its corporate strategy and incorporating in its daily activities. The panel of judges think New World China Land has excel in its relationship with its supplier in which high level and quality of communication is maintained, and all contracts are being negotiated in an open and fair manner. They are also impressed by the company's strong commitment in maintaining the highest possible quality in terms of the property itself and providing excellent property management services. 

The national Corporate Citizen Committee has instructed Tsinghua University last year to revise the existing "China Corporate Citizen Evaluation Standard", which has been developed by the university, in order to accommodate the characteristic of the property industry. The present evaluation method at use for this event examine closely at the developer's performance in seven major stakeholder categories, namely the corporate owner, staff, consumer, supplier, government, environment and social participation.