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2 Dec

New World China Land Presents its First Sustainability Report to Demonstrate a Long-term Commitment to Sustainability

New World China Land Limited ("NWCL", Stock Code: 917.HK) presents its first sustainability report, which includes information on its sustainable development in the aspects of governance, environmental protection, community initiatives, caring for employees and economic contribution in FY2014 to furnish the public with a comprehensive and objective understanding of its performances. 

Dr Henry Cheng, Chairman and Managing Director of NWCL, expressed that "I am very honoured to present the first sustainability report of NWCL, which is also the first sustainability report produced by a property developer operating in Mainland China in compliance with the most updated G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)." 

NWCL has been following New World Group’s management approach to corporate sustainability and its guidance provided. It actively improves the environment and quality of life in its communities and promotes environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyles. NWCL implements various green construction measures, including the enhancement of cost effectiveness in the life cycle of new projects, the reduction of water consumption and the application of sustainable materials. In order to better promote green building design, NWCL has also stipulated NWCL Green Building Design Guidelines to gear projects towards its required sustainability goals. In addition, NWCL actively holds diversified community activities across Mainland China, supporting charities, education, sports development, as well as arts and culture. 

NWCL’s sustainability report adopts the plumb line, which is used as a vertical reference line, and trigonometry as design elements, symbolising its commitment in attaining sustainable development and balancing the needs on environmental protection, community development and financial contributions. 

Sustainability Report 2014 of New World China Land is available at NWCL’s website: 

G4, the fourth generation of the Guidelines, marked the culmination of extensive stakeholder consultation and dialogue with hundreds of experts from across the world from a wide variety of sectors. The aim of G4 is to help reporters prepare sustainability reports that matter – and to make robust and purposeful sustainability reporting standard practice.