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22 Aug

New World China Land joined hands with Huayi Bros. to launch "Discover Happy Images" event

The event themed "Every Day, New Life—Discover Happy Images" sponsored by New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land" or "the Group"; HK Stock Code: 917) in cooperation with Huayi Bros. is formally launched on August 22. This event will invite the property owners of New World China Land projects and NWCL club members to participate in shooting videos of their everyday life, record the happy life of people from all walks of life, and advocate the public to share the feeling of happiness, and perceive the brand idea and appeal of "New World, New Life"

As a nationwide large-scaled everyday life video interaction feast, this event will last for four months involving scripts collection, actors recruitment, shooting, and premiere, and focus on the interaction with 70,000 households of property owners of New World China Land projects. Eight families will be selected from eight cities respectively, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Anshan, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Guiyang, for presenting the happy moments in their life and demonstrating the unique cultural and historical characteristics of various places, and diversities and excellence of happy life from different angles, with a view to calling upon people to positively find new happiness in their routine life.

One of the features of this event is that all selected families are the property owners of the New World China Land projects or NWCL club members of the aforementioned eight cities, and materials of scripts are mostly extracted from real life scenes. From the kick-off date, August 22, property owners and members can sign up by login to the official website At the same time, the production team will interview those who have signed up in the eight cities, and will finally select eight families to attend the contest. Huayi Bros. will be responsible for the video production and actors selection, as well as performance direction, etc. Du Haibin, the famous documentary director, will serve as the director of this event. The movie will finally be showed in some cinemas and video websites nationwide from this December.

Happy Life is the unremitting pursuit of all citizens, and "communities" in the process of urbanization which become the basics for carrying people's happy life. New World China Land is committed to bringing people the dream of being property owners to come true, and at the same time learning sharing and communication, and leisure taste and enjoyment, so as to create the family-centered happiness culture. With the purpose of encouraging sharing and communication and building nationwide online interaction platform, the event will also hold the "Discover Happy Stories Competition" to collect contributions from all internet usersthroughout the country. In addition, the event will, by means of online poll, Twitter interaction, BBS, and blog PK, etc., distribute exquisite gifts to reward the fans and those who are willing to share their happiness.

New World China Land has been committed to exploring better urban habitat, and building better and more harmonious people-oriented communities. This event will all along take happiness and joy as the theme, finding and recording happy life as the purpose, and enjoying life charms and sensing natural freshness as the significance. The cooperation with Huayi Bros. will be an innovative trial for domestic real estate enterprises to record, care for, and demonstrate property owners' life in the form of professional videos and images.