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27 May

New World China Land’s earthquake relief work

New World China Land Limited ("NWCL", Hong Kong stock code: 917) has taken immediate actions on the next day after the tragic earthquake in Sichuan, and initiated staff members in regional offices in 20 Mainland cities to participate in the donation activities. As of 26 May, over RMB 1 million has been raised by all staff in Mainland; over RMB 4.9 million of cash and resources has been donated directly to the local United Front Work Department, Red Cross, China Charity Federation, and related Government departments through the offices in Beijing, Chenyang, Jinan, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guiyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai. 

Apart from donating blood and raising funds, the Chengdu office of NWCL contributed to the earthquake relief through various channels. On 14 May, two truck loads of food, drinks and daily commodities were delivered by Chengdu staff to Du Jiang Yan, one of the severely hit city; on 19 May, the Chengdu office, under the arrangement of the Red Cross, purchased drugs and other medical resources amounted to RMB 500,000 and delivered to other affected areas. The township of Shuangliu where Riverside New World is located has also been affected by the earthquake, on 23 May a total of RMB 360,000 was donated to the Shuangliu Construction Bureau through the Charity Association of Shuangliu for re-construction purpose. Currently, the regional offices are still striving to source other resources and drugs in need, and are dedicated to assist in the relief work with their greatest effort. 

The mother company of NWCL, New World Development Company Limited ("NWD", Hong Kong stock code: 17) also contributed to the earthquake relief. In terms of cash, an amount of RMB 50 million was donated by NWD together with the family of Dr Henry Cheng, Managing Director of NWD. Besides, 300 sets of wireless video communication equipments, which worth RMB 15 million, were donated to the frontline rescue team, for the assistance in the relief work.