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5 Feb

A New Era for NWS Holdings Limited

To mark the upcoming first trading of its shares in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 10 February 2003, NWS Holdings Limited (the "Company") is unveiling a brand new logo and a freshly produced corporate video. The design of the materials denotes a new era for the Company to stay competitive in the ever-changing market environment. 

New Logo 

The new corporate identity represents essential qualities of the Company: professional, progressive, dynamic and trustworthy. It symbolizes the Company's confident move toward a challenging future. 

The bright and bold waving flag signifies the Company's leadership, courage and commitment. The combination of red and orange portrays energy, friendliness and vitality, while the blue typeface, with its contemporary style, demonstrates the solid foundation of the Company. The logo as a whole depicts the Company being rich in resources and possessing financial strength, ready to become a leading conglomerate in the Greater China region. 

New Corporate Video 

The Company has created a video to illustrate its three business arms: services, traditional infrastructure and ports. A special 1-minute version of the video will be broadcast on board the fleet of New World First Bus Services Limited starting from mid February 2003.