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18 Jul

K11 Wuhan Unveils Multicultural Living District

K11 Gourmet Tower Presents a New Culture of Dining

The first K11 Multicultural Living Area in Mainland China was unveiled in Hankou in the city centre of Wuhan. Connected by the K11 Boulevard, New World Centre, New World Department Store, New World Hotel and the K11 Gourmet Tower opened yesterday, together with thecreativity-filled chi K11 art space, the first urban farming and vertical green wall and the graffiti wall with the largest areain Wuhan, formed the unique K11 Wuhan Multicultural Living Area. 

Lighten up the opening ceremony with the huge graffiti wall

K11 Wuhan Gourmet Tower, located on Hangkong Road, Hankou,was opened last night. The opening ceremony was held in K11 Secret Garden,which houses K11 Kollection,to the east of K11 Gourmet Tower. MrAdrian Cheng, Founder and Chairman of K11, and representatives of the municipal government attended the ceremony. The highlight of the opening ceremony was the unveiling of a huge humanistic graffiti wall, the largest in Wuhan, with a length of 27 metres and a height of 10 metres. The wall, presenting the old Hankou culture in a fresh and youthful way, is a perfect match with the first vertical green wall in Wuhan just opposite, and its unveiling became the focus of the night.  

Join thetour arte in chi K11 art space

To support local artistic creation and facilitate exchanges between artists and the public, a first art exhibition was launched at chi K11 art space in K11 Multicultural Living Area on the same day. chi K11 art space is a new art-related attempt for K11 to set up an art space in order to provide opportunities for the public to appreciate art closely, in the hope of promoting artistic exchange by exhibitions, workshops, salons and so on. Twenty-one local young artists of the first exhibition, "Re-Read", gathered and exchanged with art lovers. "Re-Read" is aimed at involving people in the new times, inspiring thoughts and ideas, and fostering the cultural imagination in Wuhan so as to unveil values and the free expression of cultural diversity. 

Savor the sumptuouslifestyle in international restaurants

The seven-level K11 Gourmet Tower featuresfive overground and two underground levels and hasanarea of 20,000 sqm.It offers international cuisines meetingdiners' needs from banquet, dating to fastfood. Launched in Wuhan for the first time, Yumi Station offers United States' favouriteJapanese frozen yogurt so that diners can enjoy the softness and nutrients of the best tasting ice cream-like yogurt with slashed fat. Colour Cloud Restaurant offers tempting Hong Kong-style Cantonese delicacies in an elegant, romantic and post-modern atmosphere. Dishes at La Chanson are inspired by a fusion of Paris and Provence, and offer anirresistible continental Europe taste. Its elegant and romantic atmosphere and the 300 types of red and white wine stored in the controlled-temperature cellar create a best place for dining. Besides, there is a variety of choices such as Da Lao Jia Chaffy Dish, Hong Kong Honeymoon Dessert, Quan Jin Cheng Korea Restaurant, Costa Coffee, and more under the same roof to delight diners' palate with Mainland and international cuisines. K11 Gourmet Towerstrives to the best in every detail, and creates a perfect place for leisure and dining under the concepts of Art‧People‧Nature. 

Have fun inthe Food Art Festival

To celebrate the opening of K11 Gourmet Tower, K11 has organized a Food Art Festival from 9 to 18 July, presenting a lively streetmosphere in the K11 Multicultural Living Area and showcasing numerous brands of New World Group and Chow Tai Fook. Besides, K11 Wuhan will provide a series of fabulous offers in a tempting promotional campaign. In the month starting 9 July, customers have a chance to win as much asRMB5,000 upon spending RMB50 or more at K11 Wuhan.  

The K11 brand, which pioneers the innovative blend of three essential elements - Art‧People‧Nature was born in 2009 and has received much attention. In 2010, Mr Adrian Cheng introduces the K11 brand to Mainland China, and starts the journey of the K11 brand in the centre of China, Wuhan. Mr Cheng said, "In the coming five years, the K11 brand and its related multicultural living area will continue the journey of creativity in six cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang and Chengdu, with various types of functional space with a total area of one million sq m. We expect to see a more perfect integration among Art‧People‧Nature which will influence the economy, culture and lifestyle in those areas."