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14 Oct

K11 kicks off its revitalization of central Tsim Sha Tsui with the launch of exciting online initiative "i Art K11"

K11, the world's first art mall developed by New World Development Company Limited and the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), today launched Hong Kong's first-of-its-kind online campaign, "i Art K11". The campaign is aimed at reigniting Hong Kong people's love for central Tsim Sha Tsui, and marks K11's celebration of the area's diversity and multiculturalism by branding it as the "K11 multi-cultural living district".

Launched today, the "i Art K11" website consists of an online game, K11 Art Tangram, and a photo gallery accompanied by eight stories about central Tsim Sha Tsui. The eight stories represent tales from each of the streets surrounding K11-Hanoi Road, Mody Road, Carnavon Road, Minden Avenue, Kimberley Road, Cameron Road, Chatham Road South and Nathan Road. As visitors navigate through the photo gallery and stories, they will experience the district's unique combination of different cultures. K11 Art-chitect, a Facebook online game that is also part of the online campaign, will be launched in late October 2009.

According to Adrian Cheng Chi-kong, Founder and Chairman of K11, "We have launched these online initiatives because we want to take the lead in revitalizing the district, and feel it is important to involve the people of Hong Kong in this process.They can now participate in the revitalization effort by creating their own interpretation of central Tsim Sha Tsui in a fun and compelling interactive environment.

As the newest "resident" to the area, we want to inject new energy into the district, and we hope to do so through our three core elements that make-up our brand values-Art‧People‧Nature." Part of the "i Art K11" website, K11 Art Tangram was developed to encourage Hong Kong people to piece together their own artistic impressions of central Tsim Sha Tsui using cut-outs, or tiles, of the district's map, provided on the site.Members of the public can vote for their favorite pieces from today until November 30,2009.Winning pieces will be re-produced as real art pieces and displayed in the K11 art mall in January 2010.Miniature versions of the winning pieces will be featured as limited edition K11 souvenirs.

Through members of the public participation and imagination, Hong Kong people will directly contribute to enhancing the district's aesthetics,and hence have a part in its revitalization. In addition to growing an archive of art tributes, "i Art K11" will house Hong Kong's Virtual Living Art Piece-a continuously evolving online art sculpture that changes its form whenever a user chooses a new tile for their individual art piece. Cheng noted, "Tsim Sha Tsui's diversity and memories have often been overshadowed by the city's rapid commercial development.This area is historically home to residents from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, and small businesses that have operated here for decades.Located at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui,K11 wants to inject a new vibrancy into the district,and at the same time,keep these historical aspects of the area alive." As part of its efforts to inject new life into the district, K11 is engineering the convergence of art appreciation, cultural experience, and emotional affinity towards nature through the mall's landscape and activities.

The overarching theme driving any of the mall's initiatives is based on a set of three core values of K11, Art.People.Nature.These values are reflected in its unique "streetmosphere" character-a street carnival atmosphere where local artists can nurture their creative juices and entertain passers-by;and in the pockets of lush greenery that creates a sanctuary for people to converge and recharge.

Visitors can contribute to the revitalization of the K11 district by joining the K11 community at Further information about K11 can be found at in a fresh new look, which also includes a blog from Mr Adrian Cheng where he will share his personal experience and viewpoints towards life and arts.