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1 Aug

K11 Group joins forces with Amoy Transit Rail to develop Fujian's first K11 Select Art Mall in Xiamen, located in Xiamen WuyuanBay Wetland Park TOD project

K11 Group is announcing a partnership with Xiamen Metro Transit-Oriented Investment and Development Company Limited to develop the first K11 Select Art Mall in Fujian, located in the Xiamen WuyuanBay Wetland Park TOD project. K11 Group, in the hope of extending its light asset business to more cities in Mainland China, is constantly actively searching for the right business opportunities and believes this partnership will bring a must-see brand new cultural-retail concept to Xiamen.

With a total GFA of approximately 6,350,000 sq. feet of the project, K11 Select is a five-storey building  occupying approximately 1,020,000 sq. feet. The project has adopted the concept of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), making public transportation  its core, with a mixture of commercial buildings, residential buildings, hotel and diversified mixed land use. The kick-off ceremony for the project was held on 23 July in Xiamen, with the attendance of government officials for Xiamen, Mr Xue Feng, General Manager of Xiamen Metro Transit-Oriented Investment and Development Company Limited, and Mr Wu Di, Deputy General Manager from the same company, Mr Phil Lee, CFO of K11 Group, and Mr Jack Wu, Brand General Manager of K11 Group.

“With the mission to introduce a visionary retail concept infused with art, culture and commerce to the general public, K11 Select, being one of the outstanding brands within K11 Group, is an energetic ‘cultural sandbox’ which will connect cultural and art enthusiasts in both the physical and digital worlds, and even the Metaverse.” said Mr Jack Wu, Brand General Manager of K11 Group. “Xiamen has developed rapidly in recent years, benefiting from its rich historical-cultural background. With the establishment of K11 Select, we hope to incorporate an unexplored city outlook into the local perspective and create a must-see cultural retail landmark, in cooperation with the WuyanBay Wetland Park TOD project.”

Targeted to open in late 2025 to early 2026, the project aims to create a unique lifestyle for citizens to savour the pleasure of living in an artistic fashion space filled with cultural innovations in WuyuanBay,  known as the “living room of the city of Xiamen”. Amoy Transit Rail will play a core role in the whole development project in order to shape a new community's outline. The railway will connect every spot seamlessly for the citizens to walk among the luxurious residential buildings, commercial buildings and K11 Select Art Mall, even on rainy and stormy days. With a stunning location in the project, K11 Select will impress the citizens in Xiamen with a wide-eye opening sea view and beautiful scenery in Wetland Park and WuyuanBay.

“K11 Select exerts itself to set a brand new business model in Xiamen with the combination of culture and commerce. Citizens in Xiamen will experience an extraordinary and quality living circle built up by this partnership,” said Mr Wu Di, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Metro Transit-Oriented Investment and Development Company Limited.

K11 Group is dedicated to expanding the footprint on Mainland to introduce K11 Select to different cities through the partnership of the light assets management, with 10 commercial management projects expected by the end of 2023. The K11 brand is in six cities in Greater China, including Hong Kong, and aims to expand to 10 by 2026.