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25 Jan

K11 Art Mall First Anniversary Reveals Striving Performance: Sales Volume Doubled & Patronage Soared 32%

Bamboo Art Chinese New Year Decoration

Bringing "Art.People.Nature" together in harmony, K11 Art Mall is delighted to present the Chinese New Year campaign with a creative and auspicious theme of Bamboo Art, wishing everyone a lucky and blissful new year. Mr. Kenneth Lung, Director of K11 Concept Limited said at the media luncheon today he is confident in K11's business during the Chinese New Year, due to the positive spending sentiments in Hong Kong and the Mainland. He expected the mall's patronage this year will record an increase of 15% as compared to the same period last year, while the overall business will see a 30% year-on-year growth.

What's more, K11 Art Mall that operated since December 2009 has achieved significant growth in both sales volume and patronage in the first year riding on the buoyant economic conditions. The current average patronage has exceeded 300,000 per week, representing a 32% year-on-year growth. Meanwhile, K11's total sales volume has achieved more than doubled as compared with the same period last year, and some key tenants have even recorded an average of double sales volume growth. K11's sales volume in December soared over 80% from June, and it represented a 25% growth when compared with October which was the peak spending season for Mainland customers.

Remarkable Achievement in Attracting Mainland Tourists: Over 13,000 Mainland Visitors Recorded in three months

Reviewing the performance of K11 in 2010, Mr. Lung said they have achieved outstanding results in both the development of the mainland customer market, as well as art and promotion. In order to attract more mainland travelers who pursue lifestyle, K11 have arranged over 300 shopping tours with more than 13,000 mainland travelers to visit the malls from December 2010 to February 2011. The highest personal spending among them was over HK$500,000, while the average personal spending at jewelry and watch tenants was amounted at HK$80,000 to HK$100,000. Currently, the Mainland visitors have been contributed to 20% of the K11's total patronage.

K11 has launched Klub 11 program, a loyal customer scheme, few months ago.Mr Lung said that the Klub 11 program has already attracted over 10,000 members registered within few months, of which 30% are mainland travelers. The average personal spending of the Klub 11 members is estimated at HK$4,000, and the average single-purchase amount would be higher if the spending on restaurants is excluded.

Looking forward, Mr. Lung said K11 will continue to strengthen its trade-mix in the coming year, especially introducing more quality tenants in the category ofrestaurant, trendy fashion, cosmetics, among others, to offer customers a diversity of choices in shopping and dining.

Art of Bamboo Decoration to Celebrate the Chinese New Year: Built of 188 Bamboos

K11 presents the Chinese New Year campaign with a theme of Art of Bamboo from 14 January to 20 February 2011, building a garden reminiscent of the meeting place in the ancient tale of Herd Boy and Weaving Girl that interspersed with 188 sparkling bamboo and 10 pairs of magpies. Mr. Lung explained that the Chinese academics have a particular liking for bamboo, which is regarded as a gentleman with perfect virtues in the world of plants. Bamboo is also favored in Chinese New Year due to the word's pronunciation rhymes with the word "blessing" and "wishes" in Chinese. While bamboo shares the same spirits with arts of upright integrity and grace, K11 specially chose "bamboo" as the theme for Chinese New Year campaign and apply onto the decoration to create a festive ambience.

Renowned Bamboo Carving Maestro Hung Kin Wah Debuts Bamboo Art Exhibition in HK

K11 honorably invited the renowned bamboo carving Hung Kin Wah from the province of Anhui, who created the first piece of bamboo art which listed as national treasures,to display more than 30 pieces of antiques worth over a million dollars at his first-ever bamboo art exhibition in Hong Kong. Being a veteran in bamboo carving, Hung has been transcending the mastery for more than 20 years. His skillful integration of hand carved elegance to nature was unprecedented and was praised as "the Apostle of the Anhui Cultural Heritage" along with prestigious titles such as the "The Master of Chinese Aboriginal Arts". Many of Hung's work are coveted collectables to art lovers, manifesting his important position in arts.

Master Hung created the bamboo Chinese brush pot "Seven Wise Men in the Woods" which is setting in the National Palace Museum. This seemingly ordinary stationary was the first piece of bamboo art listed a national treasure since the 1950s. Master Hung specially remade the artpiece and another bamboo Chinese brush pot "Harmony" for Hong Kong people's appreciation at K11 Art Mall. Besides, Master Hung will demonstrate his carving skills by tailor-making three pieces of bamboo arts for Hong Kong. To offer shoppers exceptional experience with this cultural heritage, bamboo carving, He will also show his skillful integration of hand carved to customers at the Bamboo carving workshop.

Sales-Boosting Promotions: Red Packet & Festive Gifting Redemption Offer

For promotional offers, K11 has prepared limited edition Red Packet Pack, Chinese New Year style Tea Mug and Branded Premium Chocolate or Wine for customers to redeem upon designated spending. K11 also launched the "Treasure In Bamboo Forest" promotional campaign in this Chinese New Year to boost sales, by offering a chance for customers to win fabulous prizes including trendy jewelry set, handbags, body care & aroma set and premium massage service, among others.

Star of K11 Program to Support Art Development and Nurture Young Artists

In terms of art and promotion, K11 have organizedmany significant programs, art installation and thematic promotions in the past year, including the Star of K11 program which debuted in November 2010. The Star of K11 program, which aims at nurturingthe local creative force, handpicks a young artist with great potential every year who will be provided with a customized curatorialand marketing services to supports the artist to continue developing the career with arts.

The debut Star of K11 is Florian Ma Ho Yin, who won the LVMH Young Creative Artists Award and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards in 2009. His unique & inspiring multimedia art exhibition themed ‘gene' will last till 20 February at K11.