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30 Mar

K11 and the University of Hong Kong jointly present "Spice Up, Africa!"

An inspiring in-mall ecological and cultural tour to enlighten public on a journey of self re-discovery

On the vast land of Africa, countless aborigines and wild animals live in harmony with the surrounding nature. K11, the first Art Mall in the world advocating the interplay of "Art˙People˙Nature", understands that biodiversity conservation is crucial to the continuous cycle of ecosystem. To echo with United Nations-declared International Year of Biodiversity this year, K11 will be presenting jointly with the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Hong Kong an in-mall ecological and cultural tour of safari "Spice Up, Africa!"

From March 31 to May 31, a series of "Spice Up, Africa!" themed activities will be rolled out as an effort to raise public awareness on sustaining development and biodiversity of the Earth through which rebuild our relationship with the Nature through in-depth search of oneself. A kick-off ceremony was held this afternoon to set off the safari to the exotic land of Africa and the quest for inner self.

Nowadays, there are more than 1,750,000 recognizable species connecting and interacting with every other to form the ecosystem of our Earth. To raise awareness on ecological conservation with concern on the sustain development of the Earth, last year, K11 sponsored 22 students from School of Biological Sciences of the University of Hong Kong to a 2-week Masai Mara tour, where they were allowed a first hand experience to the magnificence of nature at one of the most famous National reserves in Kenya. This year, the journals and photo albums of the tour participating students are showcased at the windows of K11 under the "Horn of Africa - Masai Mara" East African safari adventure (photographic exhibition), where visitors are drawn from the materialism of modern society to the simplicity and raw beauty of nature.

Mr Adrian Cheng, the Founder & Chairman of K11 said in his opening remarks, "Understanding that biodiversity conservation is the key to the well functioning of ecosystem, K11 specially stages the "Spice up, Africa!" campaign to arouse public concern on the ecological conservation issue that is important to the future of our mother earth. Going through the African safari in K11, metropolitans will get in touch with the African wildlife and other natural wonders of the world, enriching their knowledge about ecology and encouraging the development of a new global perspective. We believe that exposure to the majesty of nature will inspire visitors to search for values of inner self and re-establishment of relationship with nature."

Dr Billy Hau, Assistant Professor of School of Biological Sciences, the University of Hong Kong, and also the advisor of the Masai Mara tour said, "Nowadays, general public are aware of the importance of ecological conversation, yet, not many of them are enlightened on how to put it in practice. Extensive promotion and education are thus required to increase public participation in the conservation work in the long term. K11 has set a good example by proactively sponsoring last year's Masai Mara tour, from which 22 students were benefited to a 2-week-visit to Masai Mara. We are very happy to have made an effort in this meaningful event and we hope to share with K11 visitors our Masai Mara experiences through leading the docent tour of "Horn of Africa - Masai Mara" East African safari adventure (photographic exhibition)."

Kosice Chan, the student representative from School of Biological Sciences, the University of Hong Kong, also commented that the Masai Mara tour had triggered their self-reflection and rethinking about a wide range of environmental issues, namely the Wetland Park, ecosystem, food chain, urban development, global warming, air pollution and the harmonious co-existence of human and wildlife. Teresa Chan, the other student representative was also thrilled for having the chance to lead "Horn of Africa - Masai Mara" docent tour, and felt great responsibility in spreading the message of biodiversity conservation to the public.

"Spice Up, Africa!" opening hours: 31 March to 31 May, From 10a.m. to 10p.m. For programme details about "Spice up, Africa!", please call K11 customer service hotline at (852) 3118-8070 or log on to