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13 Mar

Inspired by the Spirit of The Artisanal Movement New World Development Wins International Awards for Talent Incubation, Training and Development

New World Development Company Limited (“the Group”) has won accolades at the 2017 World HRD Congress for recognising the value of investing time and resources in talent incubation, training and development. This is because the Group's unique brand personality, The Artisanal Movement, and its artisanal spirit - "WE CREATE, WE ARE ARTISANS" - have become imbued in the hearts and minds of all staff at NWD. Its outstanding artisanal management model, focusing on innovative and creative initiatives for talent grooming and development, has earned a host of prestigious honours. These include an impressive number of awards at the 2017 World HRD Congress, widely recognised by the industry as a benchmark of excellence.

A total of fourteen awards were conferred on New World Group, in acknowledgement of our commitment to cultivating talent in all our staff. The efforts of our dedicated team members have resulted in the Group winning recognition in a wide range of categories including:

The 4th Global Training & Development Leadership Awards

1.     Best Leadership Programme for Middle Level Management

2.     Excellence in T&D Award - An Overall Award for Best Results Based Training

3.     Excellence in Content Development Award

4.     Best Change Management Initiative or Programme

5.     Best Custom Built Content

The 12th Global Talent Management Congress & Awards and Recruiting & Staffing Best in Class Awards

6.     Best Advance in Employee Engagement

7.     Best Advance in High Potential Development

8.     Best Advance in Performance Management

9.     Best Team Development Award

10.   Best Unique or Innovative Talent Management Programme

The 11th Global Best Employer Branding Awards

11.   Award for Excellence in Training

12.   Best Corporate Strategy in Line with Business

The 25th Global HR Excellence Awards

13.   Award for Talent Management

14.   Award for Managing Health at Work

The Group's unique brand personality – The Artisanal Movement – has permeated every aspect of our organisational and business structures. The spirit of The Artisanal Movement motivates staff to aspire beyond conventional practice to develop creative new ideas that provide customers with products and services of the highest quality. The World HRD Congress awards are a testament to the success of our outstanding artisanal business model, and to the dedicated efforts of our staff. The achievement in harvesting this extraordinary crop of awards reflects the Group's commitment to reveal the true potential of every Artisan.

These regional awards are organised by the Human Resources Development Management Committee of the World HRD Congress, and are designed to recognise the highest achievements in talent grooming, training and development. The winners include companies from a comprehensive range of business sectors across Asia. With its outstanding performance, the Group stands out as a leader in a pool of strong international competitors.

About New World Development Company Limited

Founded in 1970, New World Development Company Limited (“The Group”, Hong Kong stock code: 00017) was publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972 and is a constituent stock of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index. A premium brand infused with a unique personality defined by The Artisanal Movement, New World Group’s core business areas include property development, infrastructure and services, department stores and hotels. As of 30 June 2016, the total asset value of the Group amounted to HK$392.1 billion. The Group has an effective interest of approximately 61% in NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 00659), approximately 72% in New World Department Store China Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 00825). New World China Land Limited is wholly owned by the Group.