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14 Aug

HKCEC chefs showcased culinary mastery with premium food ingredients at HKTDC Food Expo Gourmet Zone

HKTDC Food Expo introduced a new "Gourmet Zone" from 12 to 14 August to feature premium food and processing products from around the world through four different themes.Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) was invited to conduct cooking demonstrations at the Gourmet Zone - European Delicacies. At the nine sessions of cooking demonstrations, HKCEC chefs (Western kitchen) including Ho Kin Man, Carmen Chan, Ip Kam Wing, Shek Kim Tim, Jean Ho, O Man Kit and Sharma Chakra Rani showcased their culinary mastery and award-winning dishes, using deluxe and imported ingredients. Dishes demonstrated included Stuffed Chicken Wing with Strawberry, Game Hen Duo, Rosy Chocolate Cake and Abalone Fritter. Needless to say, the cooking demonstrations and tasting attracted many visitors.