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27 Sep

"HK Love Trees" - the first tree conservation programme in Hong Kong

NWS Holdings Charities Foundation Limited ("NWSH Charities Foundation") and Green Power are co-organizing "HK Love Trees" - the first large-scale, sustainable tree conservation programme in Hong Kong, which covers educational, historical and cultural aspects. Hongkongers are encouraged to share their collective memories of trees through nomination, writing, photos, bus body design competitions, etc. The launching ceremony of "HK Love Trees" was held on 15 September 2007 at Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard, Tsim Sha Tsui, in the shade of banyan trees.

NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS Holdings" or the "Group", HK stock code:0659) puts great emphasis on environmental protection, which is one of the funding parameters of NWSH Charities Foundation. To echo the worldwide green issues like global warming and keep Hongkongers'collective memories of trees, the Group arouses public awareness on tree conservation through "HK Love Trees". With banyan tree as the theme tree of "HK Love Trees" for the first year, "Banyan Tree of Hong Kong People" election is launched. Many banyan trees have aerial roots, which made them easily recognized by their unique appearances. Thus, the programme has selected 12 groups of banyan trees to let Hong Kong people vote for their most memorable one. Now, the public who cast their vote on the official website of "HK Love Trees" ( will receive a set of limited edition bookmarks of "Banyan Tree of Hong Kong People".

On the launching ceremony held earlier, Mr Tsang Yam Pui, Executive Director and Chairman of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, NWS Holdings, cast his vote for "Masonry-Wall-Trees on Hollywood Road" as he spent his childhood in former Hollywood Road Police Quarters. The masonry-wall-trees accompanied him through happy years, and are interwoven with his childhood memories.

The official website of "HK Love Trees" adopts a "sentimental" approach, introducing trees in Hong Kong, the relationship between trees and humans, ecology, threats trees face and trees stories. There is also detailed information about banyan trees - the theme of the first year programme, such as characteristics, species and precious photos.