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27 May

Guangzhou Baiyun New Town's low density units "New World caring mansion" will open for sale soon

New World caring mansion, which is a tip-top project in Baiyun New Town of Guangzhou built by New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land"; Hong Kong stock code: 917), will open and make its debut in June. At present, this project's brand-new experience center has been open to the public, which guests can visit through making an appointment in advance.

New World caring mansion is located at the core of Guangzhou Baiyun New City, with a total floor area of 130,000 square meters, total construction area of approximately 390,000 square meters, high greening rate of 45% and low volume rate of 1.57. In addition to high-rise residential buildings, it covers villas in different designs such as compound design, jumping design and split-level design. This project community takes hills and gardens as the main element, in which the western high-rise residential area is a symbol of hills and the eastern low-rise residential area will integrate the garden into the building design. It is uniquely designed to build a multi-level green space through green platforms and sunken gardens, even including the garage as a sunny open garden built through introduction of sunken garden.

New World caring mansion is adjacent to Guangzhou Park Paradise, which is another project also in Baiyun New Town previously developed by New World China Land and has become the first landmark building of Baiyun New Town in Guangzhou having the whole procedure system from the prestige school SCNU after 10 years' construction. New World caring mansion will be able to enjoy the mature facilities of Guangzhou Park Paradise, which will truly become the first low-density luxurious garden villa in Baiyun New Town after completion.

At its debut, New World caring mansion will mainly focus on the introduction of buildings ranging from 120 to 240 square meters, including flat floor, jumping, split-level and compound structure. In landscape design, it adopts the advanced concept of "streams around the city", highlighting the mutual echoing of sunken garden and sky gardens.