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23 Aug

Grissini presents a treasure from the Italian forest-Porcini mushrooms

From September onwards, Chef Andrea Fraire, the newly appointed Chef de Cuisine, will be presenting the treasure of Italian Porcini, also known as the king of mushrooms in Italy.

Porcini mushrooms are at their best in September, delivering a rich and meaty texture, with an earthy and somewhat nutty flavour. Porcini mushrooms are highly versatile in cooking. They are hearty enough to be presented with something as flavourful as a thick grilled steak accompanied by a good glass of quality Piedmont wine.

Chef Andrea has a deep knowledge and passion for the justly celebrated tradition of fine Italian cuisine. Before joining Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Chef Andrea was working in three Michelin-star restaurants such as Thomas Keller's renowned 'French Laundry' in San Francisco and Juan Marie Arzak's famous 'Arzak'. Returning to his native Italy, Chef Andrea then chose to study and work in the restaurants of the Piedmont region, arguably centre of the world's artisan food and wine movement. After rounding off his experience in Tuscany, Chef Andrea comes to Hong Kong and is enthusiastic about sharing his culinary experience with guests at Grissini.

Porcini mushrooms at Grissini

Highlights of Chef Andrea's Porcini menu are Wild Boar Ham and Lardo di Colonnatawith Marinated Porcini; Porcini and Barley Soup, Crispy South Tyrolean Speck and Rosemary; Risotto AcquerellowithFresh Porcini Mushroom; Baked Atlantic Turbot Fillet with Porcini and Potatoes and more.

The Porcini dishes are available during lunch and dinner.

Grissini is located on the 2nd floor, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong. For reservations, please call 2584 7722.