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14 Aug

Grand Opening of ZCB Eco-home Low carbon display home promotes eco-friendly lifestyle

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) and Zero Carbon Building Limited today hosted an Opening Ceremony to unveil Eco-home 2014 at Hong Kong’s first zero carbon building, ZCB, in Kowloon Bay. Mr. Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, was the guest of honour at the ceremony.

The Eco-home at ZCB was recently revamped in line with the evolving technologies to demonstrate a holistic, sustainable way of living which can be easily adopted by the public, and to promote a modern design philosophy for a low carbon home to enhance the quality of life.

“ZCB is grateful for the generous support from the New World Group Charity Foundation by sponsoring the design and construction of the Eco-home, and its eco-friendly fixtures and fittings,” said Mr. Yu Wai-wai, Chairman of Zero Carbon Building Limited, during his speech. “The Construction Industry Council and Zero Carbon Building Limited have been advocating eco-building technologies and low carbon living in Hong Kong.  With Eco-home 2014, we hope to further showcase how advanced and practical technologies can reduce resource consumption and carbon footprint at home, as well as improve the standard of living.

“According to research, if everyone on Earth lived the lifestyle we lead in Hong Kong, humanity would need 2.6 Earths to sustain our resource needs. The facts, indeed, show us that sustainable development and low carbon living are the only way to our future.”

“New World Group is committed to promoting corporate sustainability and social harmony through green initiatives, sports, art and culture. We have been supporting a variety of eco events to increase the young generation’s awareness of environmental preservation.  Our sustainability principles are also seen in the designs of our developments in which harmony between humans and nature is exemplified. We fully support the Eco-home at ZCB, with modern home design philosophy and advanced green technology to show the public that a sustainable lifestyle does not necessarily mean primitive living with hardships. In fact, it can be stylish and modern,” said Mr. Gary Chen, Executive Director and Joint General Manager of New World Development Company Limited.

The Eco-home, a typical Hong Kong apartment with a living room, an open kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, is characterised by five fundamental elements including Energy, Water, Comfort, Material and Sustainable Lifestyle. Each element is interlinked to form a semi self-sustained system. The key features include a bladeless ceiling fan, a penetrable window frame, a water heating faucet, a vacuum water closet, a high-efficiency washing machine, a food waste digester, portable hydroponic pots and a piezo electric floor. There are also interactive displays to show visitors how to reduce carbon footprint for smart living.

Located on the first floor of ZCB, Eco-home 2014 is opened to the public starting from today. Reservations for guided tours of the Eco-home and other indoor exhibitions at ZCB can be made online at http:\\


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About the Construction Industry Council

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) was formed on 1 February 2007 under the Construction Industry Council Ordinance (Cap. 587).  The CIC consists of a chairman and 24 members representing various sectors of the industry including employers, professionals, academics, contractors, workers, independent persons and Government officials.

The main functions of the CIC are to forge consensus on long-term strategic issues, convey the industry’s needs and aspirations to Government, provide training and registration for the construction workforce and serve as a communication channel for Government to solicit advice on all construction-related matters.

Please visit for further details.


About Zero Carbon Building Limited

Zero Carbon Building Limited is a charitable company established by the CIC to manage and operate ZCB.  Developed by the CIC in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government, ZCB is Hong Kong’s first zero carbon building.  It aims to showcase the state-of-the-art eco-building design and technologies to the construction industry locally and internationally and to raise the community's awareness of low carbon living.  It serves as a platform for the construction industry to share knowledge and expertise in low carbon building design and technologies, and provides the pubic with a greenery leisure space for enjoyment.

Guided tours of ZCB can be booked online. For further information, please visit


About New World Group Charity Foundation

In fulfilling New World Group’s commitment to corporate sustainability, the New World Group Charity Foundation was established in 2011 with an aim not only to contribute to charities and worthy causes but also to provide practical support to various sports, art and cultural programmes initiated by the Group. This establishment helps the Group achieve its goals of improving social mobility of the under-resourced and fostering harmony in society.

New World Springboard, a flagship sustainable community project funded by the New World Group Charity Foundation, provides assistance to under-resourced youths with sports trainings to help them develop self-discipline and a positive outlook on life, and embrace challenges with an indomitable spirit.

Initiatives under New World Group Charity Foundation:

•   Promotion of Sports

The Group organises different major sporting events, including New World Harbour Race, New World Cycling Charity Championship and New World International Triathlon, to promote the spirit of overcoming challenges among stakeholders and in the community.

•   Youth Development

Youth development programmes such as the New Youth New World Summer Internship Programme and New World x NGO Fair offer young people multi-faceted learning opportunities for wider perspectives.

•   Promotion of Art and Culture

In promoting development of local art and culture and broadening horizons of the young generation, the Group inspires youths to appreciate creativity of modern art through provision of relevant trainings.

•   Sustainability

In collaborating with local and international green groups and NGOs through sponsorships and participation, the Group encourages a sustainable lifestyle among staff and the general public.

For further information on New World Group Charity Foundation, please visit