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26 Jan

Grand Opening of Wuhan K11 Art Village

Warm Response to Opening Contemporary Art Exhibition “Something Will Inevitably Happen” 

"Something Will Inevitably Happen", a contemporary art exhibition held in conjunction with the grand opening of Wuhan K11 Art Village has received widespread commendations from the industry. The grand Opening Ceremony was attended by about 400 guests, of whom more than a hundred were well-known personalities from the art circle, including the curators of Hubei Museum of Art and Hubei Museumof Art and the president of the Central China Normal University (Academy of Fine Arts).

K11 Art Village is located in Evergreen Garden, a well-known estate in Wuhan. This estate is already well-known for its rich community cultural activities, and the presence of K11 Art Village will no doubt enhance its image. The 11 transparent studios that K11 Art Village equipped and the space of more than 1,000 square meters for professional art exhibition will definitely become an excellent platform for young artists to create and showcase their works. In fact, the first batch of artists had already moved into the Art Village by the time of its Grand Opening. The aim of K11 is to foster future exchanges between young artists on visual art, design, multimedia and music. In this way, residential artists will be a blueprint and premises for artistic lifestyle. K11 Art Village's effective combination of art with commercial space and residential estate will allow an opportunity for members of the public to observe art at close quarters, thus helping local art to grow in a healthy manner.

"Something Will Inevitably Happen" - the contemporary art exhibition - was also popular and well recognized among art professionals and lovers. The exhibition showcased the best of Wuhan art circle and some of the most creative young experimental artists in China's contemporary art scene. It was a remarkable display of their creative qualities as well as Wuhan's unique local artistic flavor.

"Something Will Inevitably Happen" implies a multi-faceted relationship in a humorous manner. The adoption of its title wishes to express a sense of anticipation for the community art centers created by K11. It also expresses a relationship of imagination and re-creation between art activities and social realities. This also carries the meaning that young artists on whom the exhibitions are focused will be the force of the future. "Something Will Inevitably Happen" is as much an anticipation of art as it is of life itself.

The exhibition consists of two parts: "Pictures and Videos" and "Actions and Behavior", each of which is independent of the other. Each has its own special performance, treating viewers with different visual experiences. They are connected through the exhibition's theme. The exhibition is designed to focus on different media and means of expression for normal everyday experience in Chinese cities. Relying on the flexibility and ability to be presented in any media of contemporary art, the exhibition also emphasizes the "in-the-site" reception of contemporary artistic creation and exhibition, which is in essence, the interacting relationship between artistic activities and community life.