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2 Jul

Grand Opening of Shanghai K11 Heralds an Iconic Fashion Landmark and Art Playground

Located in the prestigious Middle Huaihai Road area, Shanghai K11 Art Mall of K11 Concepts Limited, under New World Development Company Limited (the "Group"; Stock Code: 17.HK), is officially opened to the public after a grand and innovative inauguration on28 June 2013.

The opening event was a glamorous affair featuring an outdoor double-decker merry-go-round stage and creative performances and interactive sessions indoors. After a mega music box has been activated, guests released several thousand balloons to the sky, symbolising hopes and dreams. As Mainland China's first art mall, Shanghai K11 will serve as a place where innovation, fashion and culture merge, and is all set to become a new fashion landmark and an art playground for Shanghai.

Art as Part of Life

Adhering to the three core elements of Art, People and Nature, K11 aims to offer the public an innovative interactive space which ignites the public's senses. This innovative idea came from Mr Adrian Cheng, the Founder and Chairman of K11 Concepts Limited, an art lover who dreams of blending art with business, and bringing art into the daily shopping and entertainment life of the public.

To nurture local artists, K11 has set up the K11 Art Foundation and art villages in Guiyang and Wuhan for them to create and exhibit their artworks. Showcasing stellar artworks, the 3,000sqm chi K11 Art Space in Shanghai K11 allows the public to appreciate art.

With an urban farm and a roof garden, Shanghai K11 is on the green bandwagon.Its green measures have also garnered it the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification by the U.S Green Building Council.

K11 The Art Playground

The grand opening ceremony of Shanghai K11 Art Mall demonstrated the outstanding selection of brands that value the venue's unique placement. Renowned designers including Carrie Chow, Wang Yang and international fashion brands DOLCE&GABBANA, LOVE MOSCHINO, Max Mara, MIXR and PAULE KA, collaborated with K11 to create eight specially commissioned art horses. In addition to the works of young emerging artists from the K11 Art Village and the one printed with QR code, there are a total of 11 art horses in the mall, demonstrating creativity and fashion savviness which define Shanghai K11.

An Interactive Experience

A plethora of interactive programmes within and outside the mall were designed to provide customers with a memorable interactive experience throughout the 11-hour opening celebration. Three carriages, representing Culture, Design and Fashion, paraded down Huaihai Road to the delight of the public. Inside the mall, pantomime artists in dramatic costumes performed on various floors alongside a magician, who surprised guests by performing tricks while disguised as a K11 customer service officer. The animal farm, art sculpture cake, art latte and Candy Bar in Kocktail on the fourth floor all provided customers with a refreshing experience. Renowned artists, celebrities from the business sector and friends of the media also celebrated this big occasion at the afterparty held at the Roof Garden on the sixth floor of Shanghai K11.

Shanghai K11 Art Mall brings together over 100 international and local brands under one roof. It is a hub for fashion and accessories, skin care and global gourmet. In addition, international fashion brands like Bally, Burberry, Chloé, DOLCE&GABBANA and Max Mara have set up flagship and concept stores that showcase the impeccable taste and influence of K11. Since its soft opening on 18 January 2013, Shanghai K11 has fast become a popular spot among fashionable and cultured individuals. The mall attracts a million customers per month on average and the figure is continuing to grow. In the next five to six years, the K11 brand and multi-cultural community will launch in 11 cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenyang, Haikou, Ningbo and Guiyang.


New World Development Company Limited

New World Development Company Limited ("The Group"; Stock Code: 17.HK) is a leading conglomerate based in Hong Kong. The Group was founded in 1970 and publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972. It is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index with a total asset value of HK$311 billion as at 31 December 2012.

For more than four decades, the Group has expanded from a single focus on the property business to four core areas: property, infrastructure, services and department store. As at 31 December 2012, the Group has an effective interest of approximately 61% in NWS Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 659.HK), approximately 69.8% in New World China Land Limited (Stock Code: 917.HK) and approximately 72.3% in New World Department Store China Limited (Stock Code: 825.HK).