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18 Jul

First K11 Eco Action Presents Space Exhibition Project

K11 ECO HOME Celebrates Its Grand Opening

K11 ECO HOME, the first large-scale exhibition project of K11 Eco Action, was unveiled on 16 July 2010 in its opening ceremony in Chongwen District, Beijing. Mr Adrian Cheng, Founder and Chairman of K11 and five regional executives of New World China Land Limited ("NWCL", Hong Kong stock code: 917) officiated at the opening ceremony, with the major designer of the venue, guests and more than 120 media representatives from the Mainland and Hong Kong witnessing the significant moment together.  

K11's nature-oriented philosophy on green architecture

The K11 ECO HOME is located in the community of Beijing New View Garden at northeast Ciqikou of the New World business district in Chongwen District, Beijing. From the early planning to the preservation of the original premise, K11 ECO HOME has showcased the exploration of the integration of residential architecture and nature as a demonstration of the K11 brand's three essential elements, namely Art · People · Nature, in a multidimensional way, and shows its unfailing support to the nature-oriented philosophy on green architecture. 

"We hope that through this exhibition and experiential space, we can display the tradition of green architecture, original ideas, technologies, and even its economic applicability in an interesting and interactive way so as to avoid the misconception about the causal relationship between green architecture and high cost," said Mr Adrian Cheng, "We encourage the industry to pay more efforts in implementing green architecture, and contributing to the carbon reduction in China and the rest of the world." 

K11 ECO HOME, an integration of experience and exhibition

K11 ECO HOME features three exhibition areas and two experiential spaces. Through exhibitions and experiences, it systematically explores and analyzes the possibility of green city and green architecture. K11 hopes the public to know more about the energy-consuming architecture industry and the need for cooperation between developers and users in implementing green architecture and building a healthy community. At the same time, K11 ECO HOME exhibits ways of energy saving and environmental protection during the lifespans of buildings and the importance of environmental protection on the stage of planning and design. These facilitate the public to find out that green architecture is affordable, and lead the industry to advance towards a more sustainable future.  

As a community green education programme, K11 ECO HOME is open to public with free admission. Visitors are encouraged to take public transportation or other means of green travel to the exhibition. There is no disposable necessity provided on site.  

The launch of K11 Eco Action

With the grand opening of K11 ECO HOME, K11's sub-brand, K11 Eco Action, has been launched. K11 Eco Action is a natural extension and manifestation of the K11 brand, and a sub-brand which supports the implementation of energy saving and carbon reduction and innovative green living concepts. K11 Eco Action re-examines various aspects of people's daily living to showcase the numerous relationships between people and nature. We hope that through the multidimensional actions of Eco Habitat, Eco Retail, Eco Tech and Eco Awareness, we can inspire the public to live a greener life and pursue a living in a more natural way. 

K11's eco architecture is built upon transport convenience and designs with a harmony of people and the environment. Today, all K11 commercial development projects in China plan to consider and adopt integrally green technologies such as fresh air system, vertical greening, utilization of clean energy, water treatment system, and rainwater collection and utilization to meet the accreditation in China and the LEED accreditation maintained in the United States. K11's ultimate goal is to reduce energy and resource consumption arising from urban construction and community development, and eliminate its carbon emission in daily operation.  

For more details about K11 ECO HOME, please contact (86-10) 8710 8558 or visit the website of K11 ECO HOME: