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20 Jul

Contract Signing Ceremony of "The 1st NWDS Spokesperson" was held Memorably

Spreading the new image of "Enriching Lives.Enhancing Characters"

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS"; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in the PRC, is pleased to announce that all winners of "The 1st NWDS Spokesperson" contest were born successfully on 26th last month. Zhang Chun and Gao Ke, male and female spokesperson, together with Lu Yuan Hao and Zhuang Wen, 1st runner-up of male and female groups; Lou Jun and Li Jia, 2nd runner-up were presented in the simple but memorable contract signing ceremony held in Beijing Shishang New World Department Store ("Beijing Shishang Store") on 16 July. Zhang Chun and Gao Ke become the first spokesperson of NWDS, trumpeting the new image of "Enriching Lives.Enhancing Characters" as well as delivering the trendy and personalized living attitude.

NWDS organized "The 1st NWDS Spokesperson" contest to select the most eligible spokesperson who dares to innovate and leads the trend. Lasted 11 months, the contest concluded successfully last month. Mr. David Lin, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer attended the ceremony on behalf of NWDS, signing the one-year contract with spokesperson and other winners under the witness of numerous guests. Spokesperson will be entitled to participate promotional activities organized by over 30 stores of NWDS, be the cover models of "Best of New World" magazine and embracing media interviews, bringing NWDS's new image of "Enriching Lives.Enhancing Characters" into the crowd.

The contract signing ceremony was unveiled with an appealing electronic violin performance by a women's electronic band, then the spokesperson and winners marched in the stage with different performance. The Jive performed by Lou Jun and Li Jia enlivened the pervading mood of the ceremony, exhibiting the marvelous talents of the winners. Lu Yuan Hao and Zhuang Wen with fashion clothing performed the catwalk show, presenting the trend-setting spirit of NWDS. Finally, Zhang Chun and Gao Ke walked in the runway with gorgeous formal gown, all guests were impressed by their personalized temperament and extraordinary character.

Beijing New World Department Store ("Beijing Store") and Beijing Shishang Store organized a series of activities in line with the contract signing ceremony. At the same day of the ceremony, tourist buses were specially arranged to shuttle customers between Beijing Store and Beijing Shishang Store, bringing customers to experience the concept of "Living Gallery" and "Fashion Gallery". Moreover, "True man table soccer competition" was held at outdoor plaza of the store. The competition imitated table soccer game that the participants were required to be fixed at the stave, and could only move left or right to shoot the goal. The competition was full of bustle and excitement with lively environment. In addition, Beijing Store carried out a "Children's health week road show" to promote road safety. In appreciation of the support of customers, Beijing Store and Beijing Shishang Store held a large-scale joint function, named "New World Card's Week" from 13 to 19 July, providing variety of exceptional offers to VIP members to meet their needs wholeheartedly.

Mr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Director of NWDS and the Chief of this spokesperson contest said, "NWDS organized 'The 1st NWDS Spokesperson' contest in order to tie in with the rebranding program, demonstrating the new personalized concept of NWDS as well as originating the quality living style. It is believed that the spokesperson can truly deliver NWDS's new image of 'Enriching Lives.Enhancing Characters' into the crowd, extending our mission from 'personal' to 'life', even to 'the community'. We wish the spokesperson can experience a splendid life by conducting the living attitude of 'Enriching Lives.Enhancing Characters' in the coming year."