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23 Aug

Construction Site Training of Migrant Workers by New World China Land Held successively in Sichuan and Guizhou

In the wake of holding trainings of migrant workers at construction sites of its in-progress projects in Guangzhou in April this year, New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land" or "the Group"; HK Stock Code: 917), together with the Institute of Contemporary Observation (ICO), held new citizen series quality trainings for migrant workers of its in-progress projects in Guiyang and Chengdu from August 23 to 25.

The training focused on cultivating "learning capacity", "development capacity", "self protection capacity", and "adaptability to city life" of migrant workers, with a view to raising their awareness in laws, rights, and citizens, and improving their adaptability to city life.The training activities were conducted successively at construction sites of 2 in-progress projects, namely Guiyang Jinyang Sunny Town and Chengdu Riverside New World, and were attended by more than 400 migrant workers. New World China Land presented a set of gifts to those migrant workers as an encouragement, hoping they could pay attentions to self development, and try to adapt to city life as soon as possible.

Such training activities will also be successively conducted in in-progress projects of New World China Land in other cities, so as to pay continued attention to the living environment and development situation of migrant workers at construction sites, and to supervise and urge partners to jointly assume social responsibilities.