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30 Dec

Citybus and NWFB website launch brand new map-embedded route search feature

Citybus and New World First Bus ("NWFB") website ( launch the brand new Map-Embedded route search features to provide more comprehensive and user-friendly route-searching functions. Equipped with the "Point to Point Search" on map, Citybus and NWFB website displays the whole selected bus route and its en-route bus stops on the map. It enables the users to find out the bus routes and the bus stop locations of selected area in a faster and a more direct way. Moreover, Citybus and NWFB website will list out all nearby bus routes and the route details of selected area to give convenience to the users in planning their trips.Other additional features include saving and sending the route search results, and displaying hotspots on the map, which ensure the passengers efficient and pleasant experience in planning and enjoying every single bus journey.

The search features of the website include "Point-to-Point Search", "Nearby Bus Routes", "Input Route No." and "Hot Spots", which provides the users with different ways to search for the routes desired, comprehensive routings, timetables, photos of every bus stop and service announcements. With its "Point to Point Search" on map, users can simply drag any point on the map to set as origin and destination for first route searching. The result will be immediately displayed and the walking distance between bus stops and the origin or destination will be shown to enabling passengers to facilitate easier journey planning with an exceptional experience of a genuine "point-to-point" route-searching function. After route searching, a PDF which is including boarding and alighting bus stop photo, map, whole bus route segment, timetable and route information, will be provided for users to save down or e-mailing out. The website will also list out all nearby bus routes and route details of selected area to enable the users to make their own choice in planning their trips. The "Hotspots" search function displays several local tour ideas for leisure, shopping and exhibitions on the map with abundant information on scenic spots and related bus services.

For further enquiries, please call the Citybus Customer Service Hotline at 2873 0818 or NWFB Customer Service Hotline at 2136 8888 during service hours; visit the Citybus website at or the NWFB website at