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29 Apr

Citybus and NWFB Revamp into One-Stop Website, Add Brand New User-friendly Features

Efficiency means everything in this information-explosion era. In view of this, Citybus and New World First Bus ("NWFB") have recently revamped their websites into a brand new integrated one ( with several enhanced functions, including PDA enabled route search, bus stops photos to facilitate the identification of intended stops, and RSS news feed subscription. Thereafter, passengers can check out the most up-to-date bus route information of the Companies on a single platform, and better plan for bus journeys at fingertips. 

The new website is specifically designed from the perspective of passengers. Ms. Elaine Chan, Deputy Head of Corporate Communication of Citybus and NWFB, said, "Before our revamp, browsers would need to log onto the Companies' respective websites for information. From now on, they can access the required information on a single platform at the revamped website, bringing greater efficiency for Hong Kongers in the hustle and bustle of modern living." 

Simplified Chinese Version for Mainland Tourists 
To enhance the accessibility of the Companies' quality bus services for Mainland tourists, the new website launches a simplified Chinese character version which brings more convenience for their itinerary planning. To facilitate easier information access for browsers, the website contents have been rearranged and presented in a neat and user-friendly layout while echoing with the dynamic and innovative brand image of Citybus and NWFB. 

Enhanced Route Search Function with Bus Stops Photos 
To help passengers easily identify exact bus stop locations for boarding and alighting, the website enhances the "interactive route search" function by adding the display of over 3,900 photos, featuring the actual bus stops' surroundings of all the Companies' routes. Passengers can simply click the magnifier button at the "route search result" column to view the photo of the selected bus stop. 

Other time saving route search tools are offered. Browsers can look for the bus routes that most suit their needs via the "point-to-point" route search function or by keying in any of these entries: route numbers, building names, streets, or bus stop names. Also, the route search function is available in PDA version to facilitate route search around the clock. 

Quicker Means for Searching Lost Property 
The on-line "Service Corner", a new communication channel between the Companies and the public, provides a vast array of forms to facilitate passengers for enquiring lost properties, bus hiring services and suggestions on bus services. 

Infotainment Platform for All 
The infotaining website offers comprehensive contents for all age groups. The "Hotspots" session introduces several local tour ideas for leisure, shopping and exhibitions with abundant information on scenic spots and related bus services. It also provides the latest information on the Companies' history, Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") report, press releases and publications, as well as real-time information on daily news, weather and traffic situation. Moreover, passengers can keep abreast of the press release updates by simply subscribing to the RSS news feed. 

Also available on the website is a "Member Zone", which you can enjoy various edutaining online games. For instance, the "Courteous Bus Journey" game promotes civic mindedness and courtesy on buses, and the "Bus Parking" game gives members an arena to showcase their virtual driving skills. If you wish to greet your loved ones in a timely and eco-friendly manner, you can select from a collection of four new e-cards in exquisite design tailored for different occasions in the "Member Zone". 

Safeguarding Secure & Barrier-free Internet Environment 
To build a safe and barrier-free Internet environment, the website also provides text-only version and annotated pictures on its content for the visually impaired. Besides, the Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") protocol is installed to enhance security and privacy over the website. 

Ms. Elaine Chan added, "Citybus and NWFB are committed to providing a transparent and open communication environment. We hope the new integrated website which disseminates the most up-to-date information of the Companies will serve as an interactive communication channel for fostering intimate contacts between the Companies and members of the public." 

Browsers can access the new integrated website of Citybus and NWFB at Those keying in the websites at or will be automatically redirected to the new address. 

Citybus and NWFB are jointly owned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited and NWS Holdings Limited. Like our holding companies, Citybus and NWFB are committed to improving the quality of life for the public we serve, and providing reliable bus services.