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23 Jun

Chengdu Riverside New World conducts trials to set up the first intelligent community with FTTH in Sichuan

Invested by New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land"; Hong Kong Stock Code: 917) in Chengdu, the first large-sized project - Chengdu Riverside New World - has been chosen by State Grid as the first intelligent community with fiber to the home (FTTH) in Sichuan for trial construction. This intelligent community is equipped with the world leading power use intelligent system which can realize the remote control of household electrical appliances, and its underground garage is foresightedly equipped with charging stations for electrical automobiles and energy-saving areaways. In addition, the landscape courtyards are specially designed to provide the feeling of nature in green environmental protection.

As the first demonstration project of the intelligent community with FTTH in Sichuan province, the project covers seven household buildings totaling 1,258 householders. This project highlights the friendly interaction and low carbon and energy conservation, comprehensive application of such advanced technology as the power use information acquisition, the EPON optical communication, the alternating current charging for electrical automobiles, and the intelligent home, etc. and the deployment of such latest development equipments as the Optical Fiber Composite Low-Voltage Cable (OPLC), the intelligent watt-hour meter, the intelligent interaction terminal, the intelligent socket, and the charge pile of electrical automobiles, etc.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the first group of intelligent communities is that the fiber, the telephone line, the TV signal line and the power line are integrated into one line and enter families in the community, which is convenient for the application of intelligent technology in the future. Upon the completion, residents will pay electricity charges at home, check the household electricity consumption at any moment and achieve such functions as information, communication and broadband sharing, the flexible access of clean energy, the two-way interaction of electricity service, and the access of electrical automobiles, etc. The integration of three networks provides a convenient, quick, comfortable and low-carbon life for community residents, comprehensively showing the advanced viewpoint of advocating the intelligent electricity and guiding the construction model of intelligent communities in future.