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4 Aug

Chengdu New World Riverside "Zhendi" opens for sale

The latest housing project "Zhendi" of Chengdu New World Riverside developed and built by New World China Land Limited ("NWCL") opened for sale on July 23. Buildings 20 and 21 totaling 290 housing units were presented, with units of two rooms, three rooms and four rooms, ranging from 90 sq m to 160 sq m. More than 200 groups of customers visited the sale center on the day of opening, with more than a half of the housing units being sold out.

"Zhendi" are high-rise apartments ranging from 24 to 33 stories with elevators, adopting high-end materials like Lafarge cements, American Cummins dynamos, American Wilo water supply system, LOW-E glasses, Schneider sockets and switches and so forth. With installation of fiber into premises Chengdu New World Riverside is the first pilot intelligent residential community in Sichuan. The community adopts the intelligent building management system which costs millions of dollars. The underground garage is equipped with the dynamo charging station and energy efficient light well, showing the idea of intelligent power utilization. The community sets and guides the construction mode for the future intelligent residential community.

Chengdu New World Riverside is a property development project occupying an area of 1,650 mu, a gross floor area of about 3 million sq m. With Fu River in the west and the Lushan Avenue in the east, the area comprises semi-detached houses, medium-rise residential buildings and high-rise apartments. Along the 3,000 m riverbank of the Jinjiang River, an artistic garden is built for recreational purposes and will be opened to the public in the near future. Also, the community includes a commercial complex of 280,000 sq m, well-facilitated clubhouses, top-notched kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools and so forth. Chengdu New World Riverside serves as a cultural living community with all-rounded facilities, integrating the nature environment and human intelligence.