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7 Nov

Chef Ngai from Sha Tin 18 presents a new winter menu and promises an authentic Chinese dining experience

Chef Ngai Hong-Kin, new Chef de Cuisine at Sha Tin 18, combines traditional Chinese recipes and seasonal ingredients to create an array of heart-warming Cantonese dishes.

With over 30 years' culinary experience, Chef Ngai has dedicated his career to the development of authentic Cantonese cuisine. Having started at the early age of 12, Chef Ngai began as a kitchen assistant at one of the most famous Chinese restaurants of the 1960s. He worked his way up to be a leading chef, and has made his mark in numerous renowned restaurants and hotels since then.To polish his culinary skills and learn the unique characters of authentic regional Chinese cuisine, Chef Ngai spent a few years working in Shanghai, Wuhan and Taipei. This valuable experience and his commitment to work have brought him opportunities to start up new Chinese restaurants and promote authentic Cantonese fare in Tokyo and Macau. 

For an appetising start, Chef Ngai introduces a selection of mouth-watering appetisers, including the spicy Beef Shank with Fungi, Garlic and Chilli with a northern Chinese influence; the chewy Marinated Cuttlefish with Soya Sauce and Chinese Wine; and Jellyfish with Chinese Vinegar and Baby Cabbage, where the baby cabbage imported from the Shandong province is at its best during the winter season.Guests can also whet their appetite with nourishing soups, such as Chicken Broth with Freshwater Weeds and Tomato Soup with Beef and Cucumber.

Located in the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan is famous for innovative seafood dishes using freshwater catches. To continue the restaurant's success with authentic Dongguan cuisine, Chef Ngai specially prepares a variety of seafood specialities, including Crispy Catfish with Garlic, Chilli and Preserved Black Bean;Simmered Mandarin Fish with Angled Gourd and Cow Milk PorridgeStir-fried Clam with Black Eye Bean and Spring OnionWok-fried Crab with Garlic and Preserved Black Bean in Hong Kong typhoon shelter style; Stir-fried Prawns with Candied Kumquat, which soothes the throat in winter; and spicy Poached Mandarin Fish Fillet with Sichuan Pepper Oil, which keeps the body warm from inside out.

In addition to seafood and freshwater catches, Chef Ngai uses a number of seasonal ingredients to prepare a variety of comforting local specialities. For example, the bamboo shoots in Wok-fried Pork Knuckle with Bamboo Shoots and Soya Sauce enhance the whole dish with their sweet flavour and crunchy texture, while the preserved meat in Wok-fried Chinese Preserved Meat with Lotus Root and Celery are imported directly from Dongguan. 

"The success of Sha Tin 18 shows that visitors and locals alike are looking for authentic, homely Chinese cooking. We will keep up this tradition and delight our guests with the harmony of presentation, aroma, texture and flavours in authentic Cantonese cuisine," said Chef Ngai.

Sha Tin 18 features four uniquely themed show kitchens, where guests can enjoy the culinary actions of the chefs from the main dining room, while five stylish private rooms are available for intimate business and social gatherings. Oversized windows throughout Sha Tin 18 bring natural daylight and calming natural scenery indoors. Guests can also enjoy a relaxing alfresco Yum Cha or innovative Chinese desserts on the outdoor terrace, which adds delight to weekends and public holidays.

Sha Tin 18
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