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3 May

Art for the Masses K11 Presents Public Fair No.1 Featuring International Artists

K11 Art Mall has ignited the imagination of the city with a wide range of arts and cultural programmes for the enjoyment of the entire community since its opening in 2009 and will play host to a yet another exciting multi-faceted art event from 17 May to 8 July 2012. Public Fair No. 1 is an event created for the public and in the public. K11 has invited the most engaging artists from around the world, including Suitman (Korea), Cody Hudson (US), Hitotzuki (Japan) and Sticky Monster Lab (Korea), to showcase their works and share their creativity with the public.

"Public Fair No. 1 is one of K11's highlight events this year," says Mr Samson Woo, Assistant General Manager - Marketing of K11 Concepts. "By bringing international artists to present their works in Hong Kong and to engage with the local community, we have once again provided a platform for artists and the public to enjoy a theatrical experience here at K11, which has quickly evolved into a fully-fledged Art Playground. This is an important milestone in K11's journey of art and imagination and a great example of how the company endeavours to promote art and culture. As we celebrate the art and culture of today, we are also nurturing the birth of fresh ideas that will inspire tomorrow."

"Suitman Travels to Brobdingnag & Lilliput" - Suitman
Location: K11 Piazza
Suitman is Korean-American artist Young Kim's artistic manifesto. His work covers various media, including photography, videography, installation and product design. Suitman has travelled to six continents, having made his mark in over 150 cities and created thousands of images.

This time, Suitman and his army is paying a visit to Public Fair No.1 and anchoring in K11 Piazza. The gigantic sixteen feet tall Suitman inflatable figure will be accompanied by his pint-sized army. Through this installation, the artist shares with the public his secret travel to "Brobdingnag & Lilliput".

"Lost & Found" - Cody Hudson
Location: L107 & 17 Showcases (L1-L3)

Chicago-based multimedia artist Cody Hudson is the owner and creative director of the design firm Struggle Inc. Known for the production of clean, multi-dimensional graphics, his design aesthetic is part urban modernism and part organic visual deconstruction.

In Cody's view, Hong Kong is a perfect combination of East meets West where traditions collide with the modern lifestyle. In Public Fair No.1, Cody will collaborate with the photography students of SCAD Hong Kong to produce a series of "Lost & Found" sculptures. By selecting images showing different aspects of life in Hong Kong and hand-picking found objects locally, the artist will give the material a chance to reincarnate into new lives. 

"The Loner" - Sticky Monster Lab 
Location: B207 & L107

Based in Korea, Sticky Monster Lab ("SML") is a creative studio founded in 2007 by a motion graphic artist, an illustrator, a 3D figure artist and an events management specialist. SML's work includes graphic design, prints and 3D figures and has recently released a new animation "The Loner" in November 2011.

"The Loner", a popular animation created by Sticky Monster Lab, has attracted a massive group of followers. Living the daily life of the young generation, the main character in this animation is addicted to the world of cyber-life. Without the skills of communication and interaction, could the Loner make friends with others? In Public Fair No.1, Sticky Monster Lab brings "The Loner" to Hong Kong - the installation consists of a diorama of the Loner's house and a diorama of the street in the Loner's world.

"80-foot Mural Live Painting" - Hitotzuki 
Location: B207
Husband and wife art duo Kami and Sasu started working together in 1999 as Hitotzuki, which means sun and moon in Japanese. Complementing each other, the duo creates murals, installations, live performances and more. Their works are inspired by Japanese calligraphy, nature and their travels.

Hitotzuki will create an 80-foot long mural at Public Fair No. 1. Drop by K11 Stage of the Arts (B207) between 17 and 20 May to watch these masters create a new painting from scratch!

K11 Design Store
Location: L111

Browse a selection of merchandise designed by Public Fair No. 1 artists: Suitman, Cody Hudson, Sticky Monster Lab and Hitotzuki at K11 Design Store.

For enquiry, please contact K11 Customer Service Hotline (852) 3118 8070, refer to the posters in K11 or visit our official website:

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