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14 May

Anshan New World Parc Vista proprietors' return dinner was grandly hosted

On the evening of May 14, more than 600 proprietors from Anshan New World Garden Phase Ⅰ"Parc Vista", which New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land"; Hongkong stock code:917) invested on, gathered in the banquet hall of Anshan Shengli Hotel to attend the return dinner for their occupancy themed by "Wonderful New World, Happy New Life". The dinner was designed to express profound friendship of New World China Land with proprietors of Phase Ⅰof this project and make proprietors to experience the philosophy of "New World, New Life" advocated by New World China Land.

On the scene of activity, Liu Songcan, director of New World China Land in Shenyang and director and general manager of New World (Anshan) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. delivered his address and expressed his sincere wishes to these proprietors who will move in, and proposed a toast together with other senior leaders and all the proprietors on the scene and other guests for happiness. The staff from New World (Anshan) Property Management Co., Ltd. described services in community on the site, providing convenience in meeting the future service demands for proprietors. Subsequently, the dinner was pushed to the climax by wonderful artistic performances and lucky draw, which fully conveyed the philosophy of "New World, New Life" advocated by NWCL, gaining enthusiastic responses from the majority of proprietors from beginning to end. The next day, the owners started to move in successively.