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30 May

Share for Good Steps Up Action on Food Aid, Launches “Show me your love rice” Charity Sale to Empower Restaurants to Distribute Meals. Introducing “Share a Meal” Donation Programme in June, Connecting Nearly 220 Restaurants

Since the fifth wave of COVID-19 hit, Hong Kong’s food and beverage industry has endured some of its most challenging times ever, and the income and livelihood of the underprivileged have been directly affected. Many people have difficulty affording even a simple local dish of creamed corn with pork and rice (affectionately nicknamed “show me your love rice”). 

In spite of the challenging environment, a number of local restaurants have remained committed to distributing free meals to the underprivileged. To support their effort, the New World Development-initiated Share for Good donation platform is launching the “Show me your love rice” charity sale and inviting the public to support 7 local restaurants by purchasing and donating meal vouchers for those in need. New World Group Charity Foundation will take the lead by purchasing 1,000 “Show me your love rice” meals from each participating restaurant, with the entire programme expected to reach over 10,000 beneficiaries. In addition, Share for Good will launch the city-wide “Share a Meal” donation programme in June, connecting close to 220 restaurants. The public may visit any one of these restaurants to dine and donate. The donations will be used to purchase food to provide those in difficulty with much-needed warm meals.

Restaurants forced to scale back meal donations delighted to receive support from Share for Good

Starting at the end of May and lasting one month, the “Show me your love rice” charity sale will be joined by seven restaurants across Hong Kong, six of which have long been distributing free meals to the underprivileged: Happy Kitchen, Ho Win Roasted Meat Restaurant, Flourish Palace, Amitabha Buddha Vegetarian Restaurant, Manna and Dignity Kitchen. While a number of these restaurants were forced to halt their donations or reduce the number of meals they donated during the fifth wave, the new initiative by Share for Good is providing them with much-needed support to restart their charitable work. In addition, in the face of the rising unemployment rate and cost of living, renowned noodles eatery Sister Wah is joining the “Show me your love rice” charity sale to offer food to those in need.

Unlimited purchases, donors will receive donation certificates for online “check-in”

Promotional materials will be provided by Share for Good and displayed at the cashier of all seven participating “Show me your love rice” restaurants. Interested donors may visit any one of the seven restaurants and purchase a “Show me your love rice” meal voucher to support the needy. Each voucher is priced between HK$30 and $60, depending on the food costs of each participating restaurant, and is equivalent to one boxed meal for a beneficiary. When they purchase a voucher, donors will receive a special donation certificate, which also includes a QR code for a limited-time check-in on Instagram to help spread the word.

Share for Good is also connecting two participating restaurants, Flourish Palace and Sister Wah, with two of its NGO partners, Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service-Hong Kong and Hong Kong Christian Service, which will facilitate meal distribution to beneficiaries. New World is also leading by example through its New World Group Charity Foundation, which will purchase 1,000 “Show me your love rice” meal vouchers from each of the seven participating restaurants.

Introducing “Share a Meal” Programme in mid-June with a simple dine-and-donate QR code 

After launching the second phase of its programme last month, in which five food items were added to its donation needs list – rice, cooking oil, canned food, packaged noodles and biscuits – Share for Good will expand its footprint with the large-scale “Share a Meal” programme, starting on 15th June and lasting two months. Close to 220 restaurants will join the programme. Donors can simply scan and donate via a QR code at any participating restaurant, or log in to the Share for Good website and make donation with AlipayHK or PayMe. All donations of HK$100 or more will be eligible for a receipt for tax deduction. The platform’s key partner, Yan Chai Hospital, will collect donations for the purchase of supplies and distribute them accordingly to 60 beneficiary organisations for those in need.

“Share a Meal” has been showered with support from Hong Kong’s food and beverage industry, and will be joined by nearly 220 restaurants at launch, including Michelin-starred restaurants such as ZEST by Konishi, Beefbar, Takumi by Daisuke Mori, Ye Shanghai and Sushi Wadatsumi. Also participating in the programme are restaurants such as Rosewood Hong Kong, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin, and restaurant chains Maxim’s MX, Pho le, TeaWood, Preface Coffee & Wine and Polukc Eatery. Further promoting the new initiative, restaurants in New World’s retail projects such as K11 MUSEA, K11 ART MALL, D•PARK and THE FOREST are also joining hands to give back to those in need. The full list of participating restaurants is available on the Share for Good website:

Participating Restaurants in the “Show me your love rice” Meal Donation Programme

Happy KitchenG/F, Cheong Ip Building, 352-354 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Ho Win Roasted Meat RestaurantG/F, 21 Kam Wa Street, Shau Kei Wan
Flourish PalaceShop 101, 1/F, Eight Regency, 8 Leung Tak Street, Tuen Mun
Amitabha Buddha Vegetarian RestaurantG/F, 41-43 Station Lane, Hung Hom
Sister WahG/F, 13A Electric Road, Tin Hau
Manna1/F, Kwun Tong Swatow Baptist Church, 11 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong
Dignity Kitchen2/F, 618 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok