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29 Nov

NWT introduces Hong Kong’s first "Follow-Me Fixed Number" to revolutionize the fixed line voice market in Hong Kong

New World Telecommunications Limited ("NWT") announced the introduction of a brand new 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' ervice. Now, customers can enjoy substantial cost savings on voice line expenses without missing any calls.

"Follow-Me Fixed Number" is a virtual telephone line service which allows customers to retain the existing or acquire new fixed line telephone numbers at a very low monthly fee. The fixed line number will simply be forwarded to a mobile phone or any secretarial service. As a result, without giving up their fixed line number, customers can receive any forwarded calls any time, anywhere, keeping connected with their relatives, friends and business partners.

Thomas Leung, Director, Consumer Market of NWT, stated, "with the keen competition in the telecommunications industry, the fixed line market is changing everyday to meet customers' needs. Our research shows that there is a market segment of consumers who uses mobile phone as their prime communication tool but still do not want to miss any calls from their fixed line telephone at home or at the office. They are currently paying premium fixed line monthly fees. As a next generation IP and telecommunications service provider, NWT is committed to offer these consumers with a better alternative telecommunications solution. Our Hong Kong's first 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' is an innovative breakthrough which gives a new definition to fixed line telecommunications."

"We hope that the 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' will help expand our business and attract new customers, and also benefit all fixed line consumers with a low monthly fee from HK$15. Consumers, self-employed entrepreneurs and small & medium enterprises (SMEs) will no longer pay more than $100 a month for their fixed line services. They can now enjoy substantial cost savings and keep in close contacts anywhere any time with their friends and business partners, without missing any calls," added Leung.

Leung further explained, "For instance, some self-employed entrepreneurs and SMEs seldom station in their offices. By subscribing to 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' service, they are now able to keep their fixed line numbers and can receive any calls diverted from the 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' at their mobile phones without missing any business opportunities. What's more, emigrants to overseas countries can also benefit from 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' service. They can divert their 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' to their mobile phones, which in turn are forwarded to NWT's NetTalk service. Their relatives and friends are able to reach them by dialing their HK 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' without incurring any IDD charges."

Customers who register the new 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' will receive 240 FREE minutes of IDD 009 for calls to China, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. They can also pick their favourite 'Follow-Me Fixed Number' from a list of lucky numbers.

Registration and Enquiry Hotline: 1233