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29 May

NWT’s offers free songs in support of legal music download

In support of legal music download, New World Telecommunications Limited ("NWT") promotes lawful song sharing over the Internet on its integrated music platform - To counter the continuous spread of illegal music download practices, offers free legal song downloads, not only echoing the local music labels, but also allowing more people, particularly youngsters, to experience the process of downloading songs legally over the Internet.

" pioneers in legal song download online. Embracing international and local songs in a great variety of music genres, provides a legitimate platform for downloading an extensive diversity of songs. Now, we are launching a customer survey not only to better serve the communications needs of our customers, but also to allow more music lovers to experience the fun of downloading music legally over the Internet. Such an offering of free songs is in answer to the local record labels and their activities in fighting against illegal song downloads. We hope that all the music lovers and the music industry will join hands to make Hong Kong a piracy-free city," said York Mok, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development of NWT.

By completing a customer survey at, music lovers can enjoy up to 25 free songs, offered by NWT, of the three big music labels, namely Universal Music, EMI and Gold Label, at Recommended songs include Sarah Brightman's "The Phantom of the Opera", Massive Attack's "Teardrop" and Jamie Cullum's "Nothing I Do". This free offering runs until 30 June 2006, and the last registration date is 8 June 2006. combines the power of broadband, music and radio broadcasting to deliver a package of music, entertainment contents and consumption. It actively promotes legal music downloads and brings to online surfers a diversity of compelling music.