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17 Sep

NWDS Holds Green Mid-Autumn Festival –Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign for the Third Consecutive Year and Firstly Incorporates Weibo into Green Promotion

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS" or the "Company"; stock code:825.HK), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China, has always committed to environmental protection. This Mid-Autumn Festival, NWDS will take the initiative to organize the Green Mid-Autumn Festival -Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign, a nationwide environmental activity, for the third consecutive year from 17 to 30 September, encouraging customers to join us to build a green festival by donating moon cake boxes for recycling into renewable resources.

The Company has organized Green Mid-Autumn Festival - Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign since 2011 and collected around 15,000 moon cake boxes in two years accumulatively. The campaign has become the Company's signature nationwide green campaign. To encourage and reward customer for their efforts in environmental protection, during the event, customers will be given a moon cake box donation coupon, which offers them different green gifts or extra discounts in their next purchase, when donating a metal moon cake box or two paper moon cake boxes. NWDS VIP members and co-branded credit card owners will be eligible for additional green rewards. Upon the completion of the campaign, all moon cake boxes collected will be sent to recyclers for further processing and the proceeds gathered will be donated to charitable organizations in the regions where the stores locate, making the festival even more meaningful.

Entering the third year, apart from the shopping privileges, the Company will make use of Weibo to launch the Green Mid-Autumn Festival Ideas Collection activity for the first time. The activity will invite VIPs, customers and the public to share ideas on how to carry out green actions during Mid-Autumn Festival on NWDS CSR (, our sustainability Weibo account, to enlarge participant portfolio and extend its influence. In addition, stores will organize spin-off activities, such as Green Craft DIY Workshop and Green Food Making Workshopto help customers further incorporate green initiatives into everyday life.

Rebecca Woo, Director, Corporate Affairs and Chairman of Sustainability Steering Committee of NWDS said, "NWDS has been actively fostering sustainable development. As environmental protection is one of the core tasks in sustainable development, we have launched numerous paper and food recycling campaign in the past. Mid-Autumn Festival is an important day to Chinese, a symbol of family reunion, moon cake is a must-have festive food for families; however, also resulting in a large amount of packaging waste. In view of this, we have organized the moon cake box recycling campaign since 2011. With enthusiastic support from customers in the past two years, we go the extra mile this year and bring in Weibo, the interactive sharing platform, into the picture to enhance people's awareness on green living. In the future, the Company will continue to take lead to organize more green activities, engaging staffs and customers to build a better world jointly."