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12 Oct

NWDS Green Mid-Autumn Festival – Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign

Achieved outstanding results and collected more than 8,900 moon cake boxes 

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS") announced that its second nationwide green activity, "NWDS Green Mid-Autumn Festival -Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign" gained enthusiastic response from customers, collecting a total of more than 8,900 moon cake boxes and successfully promoting recycling of resources.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival period from 9 to 25 September 2011, customers who donated one metal moon cake box or two paper moon cake boxes while making purchase in NWDS were offered shopping premium. Those moon cake boxes collected from customers have been transferred to recyclers by NWDS for further handling, and the proceeds were donated to charitable organizations in the respective districts of the branch stores, such as Dalian Disabled Youth Association and Shanghai Charity Association etc. With environmental friendly and charitable elements, as well as offering rewarding privileges for its loyal customers, the activities have been received tremendous support from the customers.

The green Mid-Autumn Festival campaign was enriched by combining series of highlighting activities. Customers with purchasing receipt could participate in "Green Lantern Riddles" activity. Those who got the correct answer of the riddle attached on the environmental friendly lanterns hanging in the stores could receive the prizes. For "Moon Cake Box Lucky Draw", customers who purchased in the store with two donation coupons were granted opportunity to join the lucky draw. Moreover, "My Own Style Moon Cake Box" activity encouraged customers to share different functions of moon cake box with creativity. Besides wining the prizes, the campaign also helped to raise customers' consciousness on recycling and preservation of resources on earth.

On the other hand, the branch stores of NWDS have launched a series of eco-friendly activities to match up the themed activity. Some stores in Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing Store organized Green Lantern Design Contest respectively. Participants racked their brains to transform disposable materials to environmental friendly lantern. All three stores in Shenyang gathered the proceeds from recycling of the moon cake boxes together with the sponsorship from stores to buy a washing machine for the old people of Shenyang Huangguju Welfare Home. The staff visited the seniors, held birthday party for them and offered them with needed materials. Cooperating with a beverage company, Kunming New World Department Store held an outdoor exhibition that showcasing different kinds of creative sculptures made of used soft drink bottles and cans.

Mr Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS said, "To thank our customers for their long term support and carry on the spirit of 'Green New World', we therefore organized the NWDS Green Mid-Autumn Festival - Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign. The event has received tremendous support from our customers and got encouraging results, including the collection of more than 8,900 moon cake boxes, an increase of 9.1% on traffic flow and 19.4% on sales of all the stores from the same period last year during the event. Through organizing this recycling campaign, we donated the proceeds from recycling for other charitable activities, which has achieved two objectives by a single move. In future, NWDS will continue to launch different kind of environmental protection initiatives, lead our customers and staff to be aware of environmental issues and build a better environment for our next generation."