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14 May

NWDS’ First Outdoor Green Activity Completes with Satisfaction Over 1,900 Customers Take Part in “Reaching Out to Nature”

New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China, ended “Reaching Out to Nature”, its first outdoor green activity took place from 25 April to 2 May, with satisfaction. The activity was held the first time in response to customers’ calls for moving green activities door and resulted in an overwhelming participation of over 1,900 customers and VIP members. Through visiting to farm and ecological sites and other outdoor green activities, customers’ knowledge and awareness to protect the environment has been greatly enhanced.

Reaching out to nature doesn’t require long-distance travelling but to discover the surroundings where people can find a strong nature-human bond. During the activity, a number of stores organized visits to nearby natural attractions such as Jinshitan National Park, Colorful Butterfly Farm and Tulip Garden to better learn about domestic ecological conditions. Some stores such as Chengdu New World Department Store and Mianyang New World Department Store organized healthy yet environmental-friendly bicycle and running trips to San Sheng Hua Xiang and Mianyang suburban areas. Besides the above-mentioned ecological visits, Beijing New World Liying Department Store and Harbin New World Department Store took further step to call for customers’ actions, such as seedling and picking organic vegetables and strawberries, cultivating soil and planting trees with shovels, to spread the ideas of environmental protection. Hong Kong New World Department Store – Shanghai Hongkou Branch Store added charity elements into this green activity by inviting customers to accompany families which lost their only child to Lu Xun Park as volunteers. The hot and sweating weather in early summer could not stop customers’ enthusiasm and they considered the activity a family gathering which enhances interaction with their children while passing the green concepts to the next generation.

To echo the theme of “Reaching out to Nature”, the Company transformed its brick and mortar store into country parks with green decorations and succulents, for instance, Beijing New World Department Store and Beijing Shishang New World Department Store decorated the stores with fruits to promote a healthy lifestyle. Wuhan New World Department Store-Xudong Branch Store and Chengdu New World Department Store invited floral designers and chef who is specialized in making indoor-vegetable cuisine to share tips of growing succulents so that customers to build their own mini-garden. Kunming New World Department Store sketched the outline of mini-farm and garden on the ground outside its store where customers were excited to fill it in with color, adding spring color to the store. Some stores’ shopping benefits, such as farm admission ticket, organic vegetable and succulent giveaways upon a certain amount of spending, were well received by customers.

Ms. Rebecca Woo, Corporate Affairs Director and Chairman of Sustainable Steering Committee of NWDS, said, “Against the backdrop of the deterioration of our Earth, there is an urgent need for resources conversation and environmental protection. As a responsible enterprise, we are willing to take one step forward on promoting environmental protection, cultivating customers to conserve the environment so that we can fight against climate change in a concerted effort.”