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18 Dec

New Year‧New World – Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations

Pyrotechnics to be Launched from both Land and Sea to Welcome the Year 2013 

Organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board ("HKTB") and title-sponsored by New World Development Company Limited, the "New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations " event on New Year's Eve (31 December) is set to draw big crowds of visitors and local residents to both sides of Victoria Harbour, where they can enjoy the largest-ever pyrotechnic show in the event's history. Lasting eight minutes and featuring both land- and sea-based pyrotechnics for the first time, the show will be synchronised with tailor-made theme music, with pyrotechnics launched in three tiers - first from Victoria Harbour, then from the focal point of the show, the landmark Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ("HKCEC"), and finally from various buildings in Wan Chai - highlighting the depth and rippling layers of Hong Kong's night vistas.

HKTB Chairman The Hon James Tien said: "This is the sixth consecutive year in which we are staging the mega countdown celebrations. In the past, our pyrotechnic show focused on highlighting the panoramic skyline of Hong Kong against Victoria Harbour. This year, by launching pyrotechnics from both land and sea, we want to draw spectators' attention to the dramatic night views of Hong Kong and the layers of imposing skyscrapers and illuminations. To maximise publicity for the event, we will provide satellite feed to major TV channels around the world. The live broadcast will not only enable us to share our excitement with global audiences, but also put Hong Kong on par with other international cities, showcasing its image as Asia's World City."

Just recently, CNN has highlighted Hong Kong as the first of the world's top 10 destinations in which to welcome 2013. This reflects the awareness and recognition of Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations by the international media, as well as the great publicity generated by the event.

Maria Cheung, General Manager of Corporate Communication of New World Development Company Limited, the title sponsor of "New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations ", said: "New World Group is delighted to be the sponsor of the ‘New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations 'in its 40th year of listing in Hong Kong. With the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre as the focal point, the show is poised to capture the imagination of different audience around the world and exhibit Hong Kong's appeal as an international metropolis. Also, in celebration of the Group's 40th listing anniversary, the ‘New YearŸNew World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations Photo Competition' will be organised. We warmly invite photography lovers to capture and share with us the most dazzling moments of the show."

This year, six buildings in Wan Chai, as well as K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui, will be part of the countdown celebrations. The HKTB will also arrange for various search lights in Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui to create special light effects.

On the evening of 31 December, as the New Year approaches, pyrotechnics will be launched in three layers, first from Victoria Harbour, then from the rooftop of the HKCEC, and finally from five other buildings in Wan Chai.

To accentuate the anticipation, a numerical countdown will be displayed on a huge LED screen on the façade of the HKCEC during the last minute of 2012. And in the final 10 seconds, pyrotechnics in the shape of the numbers 10 to one will shoot from the other five buildings in Wan Chai, further heightening the excitement.

When the clock strikes midnight, a choreographed "pyrotechnic musical" lasting eight minutes will begin. The pyrotechnics, which will be launched from both sea and land, will provide both visual stimulation and whistle- and firecrackers-like sound effects to heighten the festive mood. Simultaneously, lasers will be beamed from K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui in co-ordination with the pyrotechnics.

The HKTB is inviting visitors and local residents to enjoy the show from various parts of Hong Kong. Recommended vantage locations include the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, Avenue of Stars (between the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront), the New Central Harbourfront, and the area near Central Piers 9 and 10.