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27 May

New World Group Charity Foundation’s Donation for the Establishment of Clinical and Translational Laboratory in Department of Surgery, The University of Hong Kong

With the support of New World Group Charity Foundation (“The Foundation”), Department of Surgery, The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”) has newly established the Clinical and Translational Laboratory, for which a donation ceremony is held today (27 May 2014).

The Clinical and Translational Laboratory in the Department of Surgery, HKU and HKU-Shenzhen Hospital will conduct clinical research for common malignancies such as liver cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer and brain tumours and develop novel treatments in animal experiments (translational research).  Besides, the Laboratory will play an important role in providing new evidence for the development of personalized medicine and combinative treatments, contributing to knowledge transfer from basic research to clinical application in the area of cancer treatment. 

The donation will be used in purchasing laboratory equipment and recruitment of research staff, which is important to sustain current researchas well as to attract young talent to the field of cancer research.

Professor Lo Chung-mau, Chin Lan-hong Professor in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Chair Professor and Head of the Department of Surgeryand Senior Advisor of the Laboratory said, “We are pleased to receive support from the Foundation to establish a world-class clinical and translational laboratory.  Although the technologies developed from genomics, proteomics and metabolomics have been extensively applied, the clinical morbidity and mortality rates associated with malignant tumours continue to remain at high levels. Thus, it is essential to devise some new treatments. With the newly established laboratory, we believe it will significantly contribute to our research. Besides, it will set a new model of collaboration between local industries and universities to explore new pathways for medical research.”

Dr Henry Cheng, Chairman and Executive Director of the New World Development Company Limited said “New World Group Charity Foundation was established with the aim towards supporting meaningful charitable causes and fulfilling the Group’s commitment to corporate sustainability. We are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to medical research by supporting the establishment of the clinical and translational laboratory. With the laboratory equipment and research resources, we hope that the donation will foster effective medical teaching and research and that we will see more breakthroughs in cancer and tumour treatments, through which more patients will benefit from it.” 


New World Development Company Limited

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