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28 Jul

New World Development “Made-in-HK” Masks for Kids Are Now Available

  • First Batch of 300,000 Kids' Masks Donated to the Community
  • 5 Million New World-made Masks Distributed to Date
  • Adrian Cheng: Helping Kids from Low-income Families Combat the Pandemic


The recent third-wave COVID-19 outbreak in the community has again created tension because of high demand for masks, especially for kids. In response to the crisis, New World Development (“the Group” or “NWD”) is now producing masks for kids. Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NWD announced the donation of the latest 300,000 NWD-produced “Made-in-HK” masks for children in low-income families through a range of non-profit organisations (NGOs), saving anxious families from having to make yet another desperate search for masks. The Group will donate further batches of masks for kids in the future. In addition to the “Mask To Go” dispenser programme launched previously, and other donation channels, the Group has partnered with about 60 NGOs to distribute approximately 5 million New World-made masks for adults and children to date to support the community in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, one of the NGO beneficiaries, has recently received 10,000 kids’ masks produced by New World Development.  Chloe Chow, Service Head of Children, Youth and Family Services at Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service said, “Confirmed cases soared to a record high recently. Scrabbling around in a desperate search for masks to protect their kids has created a heavy financial and emotional burden for many parents who are already working hard day and night. NWD’s donation has come just in time. We will distribute the masks through our various channels to around 500 low-income families, and to those with children who have special educational needs, providing immediate relief and protection.”

300,000 NWD-produced “Made-in-HK” Masks Donated to Kids in Low-income Families

Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NWD said, “The pandemic is becoming more severe in Hong Kong. The resulting shortage of protective gear means that low-income families and their kids are facing a higher risk of infection. At this difficult time, we hope to use the power of business to support them. By donating 300,000 masks for kids, made and provided by NWD, I hope to free their parents from yet another desperate search for masks. The Group will remain at the forefront of creating shared value (CSV) with stakeholders as we contribute to Hong Kong’s efforts to overcome the mounting challenges of this emergency.”

This initial batch of 300,000 New World-made masks for kids will also be donated to other NGOs, including Heep Hong Society, Children’s Heart Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hong Kong, Yan Oi Tong, Children's Cancer Foundation and Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service.

"Mask To Go" Dispenser Programme Extended to Help 50,000 Individuals amid Volatile Pandemic Conditions

Since May, and in two phases, New World Development has partnered with 16 NGOs to launch its “Mask To Go” dispenser programme in 37 designated centres. Every week, qualifying individuals can collect a free pack of five masks produced by NWD from the dispensers via contactless “smart redemption cards”. These cards have been provided through the NGOs to pre-registered low-income families and disadvantaged groups.

In light of the unpredictability of the pandemic’s development, NWD has decided to extend the 10-week “Mask To Go” dispenser programme to the end of October. The self-service mask collection dispensers are designed to allow low-income beneficiaries to collect their masks easily and conveniently without having to wait in queues – and this further contributes to inhibiting the spread of the pandemic. So far, over 50,000 individuals have benefitted from the 4 million New World “Made in HK” masks distributed through the programme.

Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association (HKYWCA) is one of the NGO partners of the Group’s “Mask To Go” dispenser programme. Emily Lee, Acting Deputy Chief Executive of HKYWCA said, “We truly appreciate NWD extending the dispenser programme to the end of October. The arrangement provides low-income families and disadvantaged groups with a stable supply of masks, and frees them from the desperate search for masks. Our beneficiaries are impressed by and full of praise for the high quality of New World-made masks. HKYWCA will continue to join hands with NWD to support the underprivileged as they combat the novel coronavirus.”

In addition to HKYWCA, the other 15 NGOs participating in the “Mask To Go” dispenser programme are Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service, Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Society for Community Organization, St. James’ Settlement, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, The Salvation Army, Caritas Youth and Community Service, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Christian Service, Pok Oi Hospital, Sai Kung District Community Centre, Methodist Centre, Hong Kong PHAB Association and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.

The Group will continue to monitor the development of the pandemic closely, and to respond proactively by launching programmes to support the community in combating COVID-19. In this way, together with local communities, we will beat the pandemic.