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3 Dec

New World China Land Won “2010 China Best Corporate Citizen Award” Again

New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land"; HK Stock Code: 917) was again granted "2010 Best Corporate Citizen Award" at the ceremony of "The Seventh China Best Corporate Citizen Appraisal" initiated and hosted by 21st Century Business Herald and 21st Century Business Review subordinated to 21st Century, which is the national business media organization. The Group is the only Hong Kong enterprise among the 30 domestic and transnational corporate winners. Also, it has been the fourth time for New World China Land to win the honorable title. 

The Judging Panel spoke highly of the comprehensive efforts New World China Land has made in enduringly building a diverse corporate citizen, persistently and soundly operating community environment, building a harmonious community, saving energy and promoting low-carbon ideas and protecting the environment, etc. and praised that New World China Land, as a rational builder, pays attention to local needs. Since the entry of New World China Land into the Mainland China in the 1980s, it has not only actively taken part in large-scale urban renewal and the construction of housing projects, but also persistently paid attention to the community development and created a new community center with the Non-Governmental Organization iFAIR in the subordinated community - New World Green Community and Desert Island Library. It has also joined hands with the Institute of Contemporary Observation in Shenzhen to offer new citizens quality training to the building workers in such districts as Guangzhou, Guiyang, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan and Changsha, etc.; paid attention to the living environment and status of development of the building workers by means of short-term training and long-term tracking; and conducted cooperating with United Nation Children's Fund for a long term; provided distance education platform support to the project of "Child-Friendly School" on the children education in the remote areas. The member of New World Volunteer Teams, a national corporate volunteer organization, has stretched to nine cities in the whole country with more than 1,000 people. The idea that New World China Land will persistently and steadily support public welfare has been incorporated into the corporate behaviors for a long term. 

As a real estate enterprise, New World China Land is committed to carrying forward environmental protection movement among various types of enterprises and even larger-scale in the real estate management process to bring more profound connotation to "Corporate Citizenship". In 2010, it joined the Group Environmental Protection Committee set up by the New World Group and supported the activity of "Green Hong Kang • Carbon Audit" launched by the Environment Protection Department of Hong Kong Government, as well as established Green Office Committee and task force of carbon reduction within the Group to actively fulfill the social responsibility for environment and explore the latest corporate environmental protection measures for gradually developing into "Green Enterprise". Meanwhile, the Group gives more support to the presence of the K11 Environmental Experience Museum of Green Public Education Base in community, which is open to the public to promote the green sustainable development of real estate industry. 

The half-year appraisal this time is themed with "Shared Growth". The Judging Panel proposed the development concept of corporate citizenship with "balanced and sustainable" at the beginning of its founding, aiming to seek the path of Chinese localized evolution of corporate citizenship to improve business environment with collective intelligences and courage of Chinese enterprises. While, shared growth or inclusive growth means to achieve a balance of interest between stakeholders, which can be described as a continuance and extension of the "balanced and sustainable" concept. Since the initiation 2004, this event is held annually. It aims to promote corporate citizenship concept, encourage local enterprise citizens to practice the concept and foster the social environment for good citizenship.