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13 Jan

New World China Land Unveils the Six Sculptures of New World.City Trace Memories at Chengdu New World Riverside

The nationwide eventNew World.City Trace Memories - A Tribute to Intangible Cultural Heritage jointly launched by New World China Land ("NWCL", stock code: 917.HK),a team of art professors from Tsinghua University and Chinese Culture Management Association has successfully come to an end after the four-month tour in six regions in China. The unveil ceremony of the six sculptures integrating traditional cultural elements was held in "Chengdu New World Riverside" and there were more than 200 guests attending the event.

New World.City Trace Memories event includes roving exhibitions in Shenyang, Jinan, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guiyang and Guangzhou. The inheritors of intangible cultural heritage ("ICH") were invited to demonstrate their craftsmanship in the exhibitions while an online voting activity was also held, providing a platform for the public to experience and discover the gem of the traditional culture. After the months long voting, "Sichuan shadow puppet show, Shandong nut-carving, Shenyang song-and-dance duet, Hubei Wudang martial arts, Guangdong dragon boat and Guizhou Miao embroidery" have been elected as "My Favourite Intangible Cultural Heritage Item". The team of art professors then created sculptures based on the shortlisted items and the final art pieces will be placed in the local communities.

Wong See-yuen, Regional Chief Executive of Chengdu region of NWCL, Chang Pijun, Deputy Director of National Library of China, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC and Vice Chairman of China Culture Management Association, Professor Gu Jing, Doctor of Public Arts and Arts Communication of School of Fine Art, Tsinghua University officiated at the ceremony. The other guests include Guo Degang, Head of Intangible Heritage Department of Chengdu Culture Bureau, Geng Shu-sen, Regional Director of Southern China of NWCL, Chen Yiu-ho, Deputy Regional Chief Executive of Shenyang Anshan region of NWCL,Cai Jian-wei, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Region of NWCL, Marco Lam, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Communication of NWCL and other company management, as well as the community owners.

Six representatives of ICH inheritors from Sichuan Province demonstrated their traditional craftsmanship, including Chengdu sugar painting, shadow puppet show, paper cutting, oil-paper umbrella making and Sichuan embroidery on site, enabling interaction with the public. Professor Gu Jing, representative of the artists, also shared the design inspirations and ideas of the sculptures and she remarked that integrating the ICH elements with modern sculptures can act as a valuable reference model for protection and promotion of ICH.

While focusing on providing quality living in communities, NWCL attaches great importance in corporate sustainability and local culture. The New World.City Trace Memories event pays tribute to ICH and introduces nearly 100 ICH items. It is a crossover attempt for NWCL to promote art and culture in community and support multi-cultural development.