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17 Apr

K11 ARTUS - an “Artisanal Home” concept, Asia’s First Luxury Residence to Promote Fast-disappearing Artisanship with K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Collaborating with the K11 Craft & Guild Foundation and internationally acclaimed designers and architects, to offer full-service, ultra-luxury residences along Victoria Dockside

Following the recent launch of Rosewood Hong Kong in the art and design district of Victoria Dockside in Tsim Sha Tsui, entrepreneur Adrian Cheng is set to unveil another major project in the district. K11 ARTUS, K11 Group’s first ultra-private luxury residential development and is set to open in Q3 of 2019. K11 ARTUS marks the third milestone in Cheng’s Victoria Dockside development, a 10-year project that includes K11 ATELIER, K11 ARTUS, Rosewood Hong Kong and K11 MUSEA, a unique retail destination, which will also open in Q3 of 2019.

As reflected in portmanteau name, ARTUS combines the word “Art” and the Latin term “Domus”, meaning “home.” The 287-residence K11 ARTUS will redefine the luxury residence experience by providing Asia’s first hybrid “Artisanal Home” concept with comprehensive hotel services and an inspiring environment for cultural creatives.    

Creating Chinese craftsmanship with the K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Curated by K11 founder Adrian Cheng and a team of specialists, the public areas in K11 ARTUS feature traditional Chinese artisanal objects, such as wooden furniture made using baibaoqian techniques (an ancient craft of inlaying engraved work with precious stones) and ceramics with guangcai (colourful hand-painted porcelain that features Chinese and Western elements). These rare Chinese arts and crafts are produced exclusively for K11 ARTUS in collaboration with K11 Craft and Guild Foundation, a non-profit organisation that preserves and conserves fast-disappearing Chinese craftsmanship that dates back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The K11 ARTUS will be the first luxury residence in Hong Kong to support and promote modern China’s cultural renaissance, blending the preservation and reinvigoration of China’s cultural heritage in five major traditional craft areas including “guangcai” and “baibaoqian”, Chinese Literature the “Dream of the Red Chamber”, and architectural techniques such as “wooden architecture” and “plaster moulding”. These important traditional and contemporary artworks from Chinese artists will be preserved through regular exhibitions, and displays of selected masterpieces and exclusive guangcai ceramics crafted by the talented Chinese masters.

K11 ARTUS residents will also be able to purchase these arts and crafts, with the proceeds going to support a group of Chinese craftsmen and the promotion of their artisanship. An important collection of contemporary artworks from Chinese and international artists are also on display with each piece selected to inspire and engage K11 ARTUS residents.

Mr Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11, Executive Vice-Chairman and General Manager of New World Development said, “I’m pleased about the launch of K11 ARTUS, K11’s philosophy and re-imagination of an artisanal home. Set in Hong Kong’s Victoria Dockside, K11 ARTUS works with a small group of Chinese craftsmen who share our value in preserving culture and ancient craftsmanship. By empowering them and curating their artisanal creations throughout the residences, K11 ARTUS creates a unique environment for cultural discovery and intellectual exchanges.”

Focused on nurturing a community of creative leaders, cultural explorers and intellectuals, K11 ARTUS also sets new parameters as the first luxury residence to feature in-house cultural salons. Continuing the historical traditions of salon culture that gather like-minded creatives, K11 ARTUS will organise salons for its residents throughout the year led by prominent cultural figures, including playwrights, artists, designers, explorers and scholars.

Conserving fast-disappearing crafts - baibaoqian and guangcai

One of the most valuable art pieces to be displayed in the public areas of K11 ARTUS is the “Large Jade and Hardstone-inlaid Zitan Panel” dating back to mid-Qing Dynasty. This piece features superb baibaoqian techniques of inlaying treasured objects ranging from white jade, ancient ivory and rhinoceros’ horn and agate on the double-gourd shaped Zitan frame, centered by an endless cloisonné enamel knot and decorated with two birds perching on a magnolia tree in the upper section of the panel symbolising good fortune.

Guangcai is an incredible craft that has overwhelmed the world for 300 years. This traditional crafting technique is now being continued through a few contemporary guangcai masters.

One of the stunning guangcai painted porcelain pieces from the K11 ARTUS collection is the “Guangcai Candy Jar” crafted by Master Zhao Yiming, the fourth inheritor of the guangcai aristocratic family “Zhao Gui Lan Tang” and provincial inheritor representative of the China’s intangible cultural heritage (guangcai). The candy jar is painted in a vibrant pink colour, with finely patterned scenes of the figures. It uses a highly skillful technique of “surface colouring”, and was finally glazed and fired in Jingdezhen.

The K11 ARTUS collection also includes a “Qing Dynasty Square Vase” produced in the Jiaqing period of the mid-Qing Dynasty. This exceptional vase is exquisitely painted and crafted in traditional Chinese patterns combining both Chinese and Western cultural elements, and is enamelled with golden butterflies and vibrant coloured patterns to symbolise the wealthy status of the owners during that period.

Another treasurable collection is the “Guangcai Fruit Punch Bowl” crafted by Master Tan Guanghui, the national inheritor representative of the China’s intangible cultural heritage (guangcai). The bowl is finely painted with a display of brightly coloured roosters symbolize the five virtues of humans. The bowl was first modelled in white clay and fired at over 1000 degree Celsius, then it was hand-painted with all of the graphics using skillful guangcai technique.

K11 ARTUS has also collaborated with Master Xu, the national inheritor representative of China’s intangible cultural heritage for guangcai, and provincial inheritor, to produce a new series of “K11 ARTUS Guangcai Porcelain Plates”. The art pieces have all been personally supervised and crafted by Master Xu, to further promote the guangcai technique to the K11 ARTUS residents for their appreciation and daily use.

Showcase of traditional China Architectural Techniques “wooden architecture” & “plaster moulding” and Preserving of Chinese Literature - “Dream of the Red Chamber”

 “Wooden architecture” is considered as one of the distinctive symbols of Chinese architectural culture. In 2009, “wooden architecture” was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. “Plaster moulding” is another stunning architectural technique for crafting creatures with lime on the ridges and walls of traditional Chinese ancestral halls or temples. A spectacular model of “wooden architecture” and “plaster moulding”, along with a series of documentaries will be available for public viewing in the exhibition hall.

The “Dream of the Red Chamber” was written by Cao Xueqin and is one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. It was written in the middle of the 18th century during the Qing dynasty. Long considered a masterpiece of Chinese literature, the novel is generally acknowledged to be the pinnacle of Chinese fiction. To further preserve and promote this piece of China’s cultural heritage, a limited edition of the book will also be available for sale to all book lovers to engage them in an immersive literature journey.

K11 ARTUS: An inspiring design-led ‘Artisanal Home’ environment

K11 ARTUS is a testament to collaborative design and cutting-edge craftsmanship. The development reflects the combined talents of Asia’s most celebrated designers and some of the world’s most respected international architectural firms. Kohn Pedersen Fox, the award-winning New York-based architectural studio, designed the building, while globally acclaimed architect André Fu and his studio AFSO crafted the interiors. Bangkok-based P Landscape (PLA) is responsible for the surrounding greenery and lush landscaping.

Penthouse Designs from three internationally acclaimed interior designers

Hong Kong’s Joyce Wang, UK’s Fiona Barratt and New York-based nemaworkshop created three individually-designed penthouses, representing the ultimate in luxury lifestyle, which look out over the Victoria Dockside and take full advantage of K11 ARTUS’s exclusive location.

The Joyce Wang Studio designed penthouse is a three-bedroom residence showcasing unique international artists whose works have been influential on the global stage. The interior celebrates the individuality of mark-making through the customisation of the finishes, the choice of materials, and the texture, as well as the curation of furniture and art pieces.

The second stunning penthouse was designed by the award-winning British interior designer and entrepreneur Fiona Barratt-Campbell a contemporary artisanal designer. The penthouse is an elegant and timeless representation of Fiona’s quintessential style inspired by her upbringing in the countryside and  the magnanimous history of Rome and its art and architecture.

The third penthouse was designed by the award-winning New York architecture and design firm nemaworkshop. It is another three-bedroom residence with a rooftop garden inspired by the contemplation of the moment of arrival in the lobby area, and mimics a private greenhouse with skylight.

K11 ARTUS bring in the “Artisanal Home” concept to offer ultra-luxury residential experience

As guests enter the lobby of K11 ARTUS through one of two entrances they enjoy a memorable sense of arrival and a distinct sense of “leaving” the city. The West Entrance provides access to the public areas on the 10th floor while the East Entrance is a discreet, guest-only lobby. Adorning the West Lobby are the intriguing ethereal oil painting by Liang Yuanwei. Further within is “Le An”, an abstract ink work from the K11 Collection by Chinese calligrapher Wang Donglin. The K11 ARTUS signature decorative Gascogne Beige marble further adds visual interest to the walls and furnishings where monolithic marble forms overlap and intersect to create dramatic concierge desks.

The Social Salon is located on the 10th floor and conceived as an extension of one’s home and a place for both quiet contemplation and entertainment for residents and guests. A highly sophisticated space, the Salon is filled with thought provoking artwork to instigate meaningful conversations. The Social Salon pays tribute to Hong Kong’s favourite cultural pursuits: calligraphy, literature, string instruments and chess, striking a perfect balance between the refined and the relaxed. 

A cozy entrance lounge with a painterly touch leads through first to a lively breakfast room and bar, then to the Reception Library, and finally to an informal communal hub ideal for connecting with friends, working or relaxing. The Social Salon’s layered sequence unfolds to unveil each space – The Living Salon, The Media Chamber, The Library and The Commune, each with a different function, from offering a collection of books on art and design to a hub for relaxed, informal gatherings.

80% of the K11 ARTUS residences are large suites featuring wraparound balconies, affording guests one of the world’s most coveted open-air views of the Hong Kong skyline and cityscape. The suites are well-equipped with self-contained kitchens, added closet space, a storeroom for luggage and thoughtful amenities. K11 ARTUS is designed to convey the comforts and conveniences of a private home while accommodating guests’ individual needs and offering long-term stay. Whether travelling for business or looking for a longer-term residence, guests can curate their own experiences and inhabit the space to suit their lifestyle.

A Private Residence in the heart of a Dynamic Art and Cultural Ecosystem

As an ARTUS resident, guests are ideally located in the centre of Hong Kong’s most dynamic retail, art and design district. Interconnected and interactive, the Victoria Dockside ecosystem enriches the luxury lifestyle and invites exploration, cultural discoveries and engagement. Perched above K11 MUSEA, K11 ARTUS guests have an unparalleled selection of cuisine, leisure, art and culture options on their doorstep. Residents enjoy exclusive offers and hassle-free room service with meals delivered directly from K11 MUSEA’s many top-tier restaurants. The Victoria Dockside ecosystem also includes K11 ATELIER (grade-A offices) as well as Rosewood Hong Kong. Within this all-inclusive ecosystem, guests have immediate access to a seamless network in which to shop, live, play and work.

K11 ARTUS residents will be seamlessly connected through human-centred technology with AMICI, an intuitive, digital concierge offering 24-hour assistance. Through AMICI, each resident has direct access to services at their fingertips, ensuring immediate responses to requests and providing useful advice. For next-generation creative leaders seeking artistic stimulation and an accessible location, within Victoria Dockside they are surrounded by exhibitions, workshops and innovative architecture. Embracing this inspiring ‘Artisanal Home’ environment, guests can enjoy the convenience of around-the-clock service and while evoking their sense of discovery. Within their luxury residence, the sublime views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline from their private balcony further spark the imagination.

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