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13 Apr

Hong Kong Building Manager of the Year Awards 2001 Gold Prize go to Hip Hing’s Manager

The result of the Hong Kong Building Manager of the Year Awards 2001, organized by the Chartered Institute of Building (Hong Kong), was announced on 11 April, 2002. The Gold Award was granted to Mr. Ng Woon Kuen, General Manager (Contracts) of Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd., for his project Rhythm Garden at Choi Hung.

BMYA is to recognize the construction professionals who turn architectural and engineering concepts into respectful building structures that stand proud amongst others.Judges included senior representatives of local professional construction institutes and bodies. Several key management elements were examined during the assessment process. They included management planning, production, safety, quality control, financial management and other challenges posed by the project, as well as the techniques applied by the manager to overcome them.

Mr Ng, the Gold award winner, has devoted himself to the construction industry for over 30 years. He attaches great importance to workmanship and quality of work. Also, he believes adequate planning is the key to success. For his winning project Rhythm Garden, he said that the greatest challenge was to comply with various sets of standard to satisfy numerous parties involved, and to complete the project in a relatively short period of time. The project was completed in December 2000, two months in advance of the scheduled completion date. "It was encouraging to both myself and my project team. It demonstrated that the concerted effort of our people was being recognized," said Mr Ng.

Beside Mr Ng, there were several managers of his company Hip Hing obtained BMYA in the past few years. In 2000, Mr Kelvin Cheung won the Gold award through the project Citygate. In 1998, Mr T L Yu gained the Gold award by Chi Lin Nunnery. In 1996, Mr Y T Cheung obtained the Special Commendation for the Pioneer Centre project. In 1994, Mr Jack Lee received the Silver Award for the project Times Square. Also, in 1992 Mr Jack Lee won the Gold Award through Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Phase 1 project. These Hip Hing's professionals have a shared value: to build to clients' satisfaction, turning conception into reality, emphasizing innovation, safety and quality.

Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd. is one of the major main-contractors in Hong Kong undertaking building construction and civil engineering project. The company commits itself to the principle of quality, safety, environmental friendliness and innovation. Hip Hing is a member of New World Services Limited ("NWS"). Being a subsidiary of New World Development Company Limited, NWS embraces a diversified range of services and its businesses broadly grouped under five main divisions: Facilities (Urban Property Management, General Security and the management of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre), Contracting (Hip Hing Construction and NWS Engineering), Transport (First Bus and First Ferry), Financial and Environmental. NWS builds on the collective strength of its companies to enhance quality of life and create a better environment for Hong Kong and Greater China.