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5 Dec

Hong Kong’s first Cross-strait Four Regions International Esports Championship K11 Chinese Esports Games as “Asian Games Preheat” next month Hong Kong Team Recruits Esports Talent

(5 December 2017 — Hong Kong) The Esports Association Hong Kong and K11 jointly announce that “K11 Chinese Esports Games”, sponsored by K11 and co-organised by The General Administration of Sports of China and The Esports Association Hong Kong, will take place next month. This is the first international esports championship organised under the auspices of the General Administration of Sports of China in Hong Kong after esports were selected as official medal sports at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou. The championship will be held between 5 and 7 January in 2018 in the KOHO tower, the latest destination for the Cultural and Creative Industries run by New World Development.

As a fervent proponent of the cultural industry, cultural entrepreneur and K11 Founder Adrian Cheng recently embarked on promoting emerging esports. To differentiate itself from other esports competitions, the K11 Chinese Esports Games is led by The General Administration of Sports of China and is an official esports tournament trial run after esports was included as medal sports at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou. The championship will feature a variety of participating teams composed of top players from The Mainland, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei and Macau. The teams will challenge each other at four well-known esports games, namely “League of Legends”, “FIFA 18”, “CS: GO” and “Clash Royale”.

“The booming esports sector is becoming more and more resonant, especially among the next generation. With its groundbreaking entry at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, esports is believed to be the up and coming game changer. As a leading force in forging cross-cultural exchanges, K11 is thrilled to introduce esports to its ecosystem, staying true to the ‘Collect, Connect, Collide’ motto, and is excited to be supporting the development of sports in Hong Kong and The Mainland. Moving forward, K11 will create a unique ecosystem that combines art, technology and commerce, while continuing its effort in innovating and promoting cross-cultural exchanges in its physical and online spaces,” said Adrian Cheng.

Chairman of the Esports Association Hong Kong Ryan Chow said: “This game is the first ever to combine the elements of a multi-games competition style with the participation of local teams from four distinct regions and cross-straits, something unprecedented in Hong Kong’s esports industry. Representative teams from The Mainland, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei and Macau will engage in a fierce competition which will pave the way for the launch of the 2022 Asian Games. The Esports Association Hong Kong will provide first-class training by top-notch players and coaches to the winning teams in Hong Kong, in an effort to helping the players perform in the best possible shape. I believe the games will be a golden opportunity for Hong Kong’s winners to fight for the betterment of Hong Kong’s esports industry and to showcase to the general public that esports is not just about playing video games.”

The three-day K11 Chinese Esports Games will be held at an international esports arena specially created on the 5/F of KOHO tower, equipped with an auditorium for a thousand people. During the single-elimination round of the competition, 16 teams from cross-strait four regions will compete with one another. Members of the public will enjoy free admission and professional live commentary on the teams’ strategies and progress. In addition to the spectacle, audiences can also experience the latest products and games at esports brand booths and buy the latest products at the K11 Design Store.

To prepare for the final championship, the Esports Association Hong Kong and K11 will host a preliminary selection round for the Hong Kong Teams on 17 December. All professional and amateur esports players are cordially invited to join the competition through online registration. Applicants will take part in the preliminary selection round to be held at K11 Piazza in Tsim Sha Tsui on 17 December and will compete in the games of “Clash Royale” and “FIFA 18”. Preliminary selection for “CS:GO” will be held on 26 December at the Versus Stadium of the Esports Association Hong Kong while the winning team at the Hong Kong League of Legends Championship will represent Hong Kong to compete in the same game. The champions of each preliminary round of the four games will participate in the K11 Chinese Esports Games held between 5 and 7 January, and travel to Shenzhen for further competition.

To enhance the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong’s esports players, K11 will offer the winning Hong Kong teams the opportunity to interact with international esports players, thus encouraging them to participate in the Asian Games in Hangzhou. In addition, K11 will play host to further largescale esports competitions, promoting the cultural development related to esports and supporting esports athletic training.

The K11 Chinese Esports Games offers prizes of over HK$350,000 in value. Members of the champion teams will also each receive a Diamond Champion Ring specially created by Chow Tai
Fook x Monologue. Other sponsors include Logitech, NETVIGATOR amongst others. International players including Toyz, former “League of Legends” world champion, and Sony, the Hong Kong representative of FIFA 17 INTERACTIVE WORLD CUP, will be invited to coach the Hong Kong teams.

K11 previously announced an industry-first, long-term strategic alliance with Asia’s leading esports brand, Hero Entertainment. The alliance plans to build world-class mobile esports stadiums in at least seven cities, creating the largest 2D Esports Arenas in China to spearhead the industry. With today’s announcement, K11 will go one step further by supporting Hong Kong esports teams and leading the cultural development of the ACGN (animation, comic, game and novel) market and creating a unique ecosystem in which art, technology and commerce are seamlessly combined. 

Event Details
Preliminary Selection Round
Date: 17 December 2017
Venue: K11 Piazza (18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui)
Opening Hours: 12nn to 9pm (Free admission)
Games: “Clash Royale” and “FIFA 18”
Application website:

K11 Chinese Esports Games
Date: 5 -7 January 2018
Venue: 5/F KOHO, 73-75 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong
Opening hours: 11am to 11pm (Free admission for events on 6 and 7 January)
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