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4 May

The Grand Opening of Shenyang New World Department Store – Jianqiao Road Branch Store Phase II

Creating the City's One-stop Leisure and Shopping Hot Spot

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS"), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in the Mainland China, is pleased to announce that Shenyang New World Department Store- Jianqiao Road Branch Store ("Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store") , the NWDS's expansion project at East Zhong Street ( "Jianqiao Road Branch Store Phase II") has commenced operation on 28 April 2012 as to create a one-stop leisure and shopping hot spot in Shenyang City.

Situated at a prime location, Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store is at the junction of East Shuncheng Street and Jianqiao Road in Zhong Street business circle, a prosperous business circle in Shenyang. Surrounded by 32 transportation lines and closed to Merto Line 1, Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store is on a premium location with convenient transportation network. Apart from different kinds of restaurants, offices and luxurious residential, there are government apparatus, enterprises, hospitals, schools in the vicinity. Coupled with a number of residential zones, Zhong Street business circle commands high traffic and potential for consumer spending. The expanded Jianqiao Road Branch Store doubled the store's original gross floor area of about 34,000 sq m to a new gross floor area of approximately 68,000 sq m.

As positioned as a integration of one-stop shopping "Living Gallery" and trendy department store, the brand new Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Storecater the needs of people from all walks of life in terms of "Clothing", "Dining", "Living", "Travelling" and "Entertainment" in about 70,000 sq m shopping space. The expanded store especially selected more than 600 fashion brands, of which 30% are exclusive brands in Zhong Street business circle. With the operation elements of department stores and shopping centers, Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store offers a wide range of household items, while introduced food court and other service facilities in addition to its category killer fashion apparel, providing customers with upgraded comprehensive shopping experience under attractive price range.

NWDS believes that competition in department store industry is not simply a price war. Besides offering quality goods, more importantly are the variety of additional services, VIP exclusive service and a five-star shopping environment in order to build up a huge loyal customer base. Therefore, the expanded store set up rest area on each floor, as well as nursery, baby activity room and so on. As to enhance the sense of superiority and sense of belongings of its VIPs, a series of diversified exclusive VIP serviceswere offered by Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store, namely shopping consultation, gift packaging, bonus points redemption for gifts/cash voucher, stroller rental service, traffic guidance, shopping guide, free Internet service, VIP lounge, etc. Regarding interior design, Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store carries through the design feature of "Living Gallery", using Environmental Paradise as the theme. Nature elements like butterfly, flower, forest, rainbow, grassland and river are incorporated into every floor of the store, creating a lively and relaxing department store shopping atmosphere, at the same time promote environmental conservation.

Mr Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS said, "As early as 1995, NWDS has been stationed in Shenyang to open department store. With 16 years of efforts, NWDS has set up Nanjing Street Branch Store and Zhonghua Road Branch Store in the most prosperous Taiyuan Street business district in Shenyang, and Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store was also opened in Zhong Street business circle last year. Facing fiercer market competition and changing consumer tastes, from the first day we entered Zhong Street business circle, we have been carrying through the spirit of innovation to provide customers with a wide range of quality products and tailor-made services to meet their pursuits on life of fashion and excellence. Therefore, the stores has now become customers' favorite shopping spot and accomplished the store expansion today. In the future, we will continue to provide high-quality goods and services in reward for customers' support."