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4 Jun

Entering its Fourth Year “Go Green with NWDS” Nationwide Green Activity Promotes Wearing Green and Eating Green

New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China, will organize the fourth “Go Green with NWDS”, a nationwide green activity, from 5 to 14 June in response to the United Nations’ World Environment Day on 5 June. During the event, NWDS will giveaway small potted plants to customers wearing green upon purchase. Also, NWDS will concurrently launch “NWDS CSR Weibo • Go Green Together” wei-event to promote environmental protection to a wide community. Moreover, the Company has introduced the new theme of “Low-carbon diet” to this year’s event to encourage the public to practice green in every aspects of everyday life through in-store cooking demonstrations and low-carbon gourmet promotions.

“Green Causal Wear Day” on 5 June will be the kick-off activity for “Go Green with NWDS” which NWDS employees are encouraged to go to work in green causal wear while the Company will giveaway organic fruits to its staff members and decorate office space with green plants to introduce green ambience to workplace. On the other hand, customers wearing green will be entitled to receive a pot of small plant upon purchase at store during the event period.

To be in line with the growing trend of healthy eating, this year’s “Go Green with NWDS” has introduced the theme of “Low-carbon diet” to advocate eating in-season and locally-grown organic food and preparing them with energy-saving cooking methods such as steaming, cold serving and stir-frying. They do not only reduce carbon emissions, but also promote healthy diet. To align with this theme, NWDS stores have prepared many interesting in-store activities such as “Chef is Coming to NWDS•Delicious Low-Carbon Diet” cooking demonstrations and low-carbon gourmet promotion, aiming to promote the reduction of resource consumption through practicing slight changes in living and eating.

During the same event period, NWDS will launch “NWDS CSR Weibo • Go Green Together” wei-event in “NWDS CSR” Weibo. Forwarding wei-event feed would give FANS an opportunity to win a masticating juicer valuing RMB1,680, which can blend vegetable thoroughly and retain the maximum amount of nutrients with slow grinding process, leading a healthy and green living for users.

Ms. Rebecca Woo, Corporate Affairs Director and Chairman of Sustainable Steering Committee of NWDS, said, “In response to the theme of ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.’ United Nations set out for this year’s World Environment Day, ‘Go Green with NWDS’ has also expanded the green idea from consumption to diet with the introduction of ‘Low-carbon diet’ theme. Many a little makes a mickle. We aim to let the public understand that they can generate a strong environmental protection power as long as they can make minor changes in living and eating. Looking forward, the Company strives to encourage customers to join practicing a green lifestyle through the means of ‘dressing, eating, living and commuting’, so as to develop our Earth in a sustainable way.”