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26 Apr

D.PARK Unveils Brands New, Revamped Image: "The World's First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall"

New World Development Company Limited (“New World Group” or “the Group”; Hong Kong Stock Code: 00017), after successfully creating K11, the world’s first original brand to integrate art, people and nature into the retail experience, sets another milestone with the transformation of Discovery Park into D.PARK, “The World’s First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall.” The HK$700 million project, which began in 2012, embraces the spirit of innovation and a commitment to continuously upgrade, recreate and revitalise the community. The brand new D.PARK opened today with a variety of celebratory activities, including the 20m x 18m “M.I. Super Run” – Hong Kong’s first and largest Multiple Intelligence Kids’ Run, as well as amusement park style inflatable float and open-top bus parades, the maiden voyage of the city’s first indoor passenger-carrying electric train for kids, and a grand opening ceremony for “The World’s First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall.”

Today’s celebrations kicked off with two spectacular parades. Two colourful open-top buses drove through the main streets of Tsuen Wan to share the joy of the launch launch with the local community. On-site at the D.PARK Sky Dome Atrium, eight original D.PARK mascots led a group of balloon-clad children and a 100-strong team of dynamic performers on the signature forest adventure inflatables parade. With their dazzling sights and sounds, the performances sought to engage more people in marking the opening of a fully overhauled, multiple intelligence-inspired D.PARK.

Multiple Intelligence Theory Inspires Overall Design of "The World's First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall"

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence, developed by Harvard University Professor and Psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner, states that an individual’s intelligence is comprised of a distinctive combination of different abilities. Members of the global education community have acknowledged Multiple Intelligence as an applicable benchmark for identifying gifted students and enabling them to thrive. Content and elements of Multiple Intelligence are becoming more widely adopted in many MBA programmes around the world as a means to enhance the development of students’ adaptability and creativity in the new era.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence inspired the design blueprint of "The World's First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall" and the innovative concept behind the D.PARK overhaul. The brand new D.PARK features four interactive indoor and outdoor “Multiple Intelligence Zones” spanned over 40,000 square feet: D-Central Park, Amazon Academy, Kiddy Place and Whale Garden. D.PARK also houses a multiple intelligence-themed birthday party venue and an indoor passenger-carrying electric train, both unprecedented in the city and both offering kids an opportunity to develop multiple intelligence abilities through fun and play. Backed by 100 institutions and internationally renowned education groups, D.PARK plans to offer an array of 1,000 multiple intelligence courses for children. It is also poised to become the landmark for Hong Kong’s major children competitions, systematically exploring and cultivating the various talents and potential of children.

New World Group Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager Dr. Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong said, “Since commencing the overhaul project in 2012, we have been driven by the Group's new brand concept, The Artisanal Movement, to foster a family-focused living culture for our customers. Working with the professionalism of artisans, we broke through traditional confines to bring the Harvard-developed Theory of Multiple Intelligence into our retail business. The result is ‘The World’s First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall,’ a place to inspire and nurture Hong Kong children’s multiple intelligence and a major milestone in solidifying D.PARK’s family-focused brand image.”

Internationally Renowned Children’s Recreational Design Team Creates Hong Kong’s First 15-metre Whale-themed Playground

A research conducted in 2015 revealed that Hong Kong’s lackluster playgrounds fail to meet kids’ needs for fun and stimulation. For Hong Kong children stressed and burdened by homework demands, an exciting, inspiring play space can be very beneficial for physical and mental development. Parents and children alike have long hoped for a world-class, creative playground to be built in Hong Kong.
The D.PARK creators engaged the award-winning, international renowned playground producer Monstrum from Denmark to create the Whale Garden, a wildly imaginative and meticulously crafted 15-metre whale-shaped recreational facility. Modelled after the size and form of a real life blue whale, the wooden play space is made with non-toxic, water-based paints and certified wood from sustainably managed forests. The whale is designed to encourage imagination and athletic development in children. Challenges such as an unaided climb to the top of the whale are integrated into the whale design, allowing kids to tackle tricky yet thrilling courses while strengthening their physical abilities. The well-designed playground goes beyond providing fun to inspire artistic creativity, and also stimulates the “Body smart” and “People smart” intelligence as laid out in the Theory of Multiple Intelligence.

The Most Exclusive Tenant Mix on the Market

The brand new D.PARK spans over 630,000 square feet of shopping mall area, housing more than 160 shops and flagship stores. More than 90% of tenants are children-related, with 33 being well-known international kids brands. Highlighted shops include the E³ Club Play House, exclusively featuring popular Hasbro brands Transformers and My Little Pony as its themes; a new Namco concept store from Japan; the city’s first kinetic sand playground; Trendyland Studio, the only officially authorised Disney brand photography studio in Hong Kong; the Din Dong x Yumemiya Japanese Café, and the Burger Bus Restaurant. Home to a number of brands making their debut in Hong Kong, D.PARK also boasts the most exclusive shop mix in the city. Korea’s largest fashion brand E Land has launched its flagship store at D.PARK, currently carrying five premium Korean brands – SPAO, WHO.A.U, TEENIE WEENIE, SHOOPEN and MODERN HOUSE and taking up a total of 70,000 square feet. Tenants exclusive to D.PARK account for up to 30% of the mall’s total gross floor area.

Five-star Family-friendly Amenities Boost Traffic and Sales

For two consecutive years, local social organization has named D.PARK the “Best Nursery in Hong Kong” (with the highest score of 93 in 2015) for its comprehensive suite of facilities for nursing mothers. In addition, a newly installed Nano Photocatalytic air purifier continuously filters toxins in the air in the mall, providing a refreshing and well-ventilated environment for mothers and children. The mall was also recently awarded the Excellent Class Indoor Air Quality Certificate by the Environmental Protection Department. These five-star family-friendly amenities, along with an exclusive shop mix offering, have already attracted a customer flow of 3 million in the mall’s pilot operation stage; a 30% increase from 2012. With the brand new D.PARK opening, customer flow is expected to increase by another 50% and the annual sales turnover is expected to increase by 40% from 2012.

Expansion of the D.PARK concept to Mainland China

In view of "The World's First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall" at D.PARK quickly becoming one of Hong Kong’s best-loved shopping, leisure and learning hotspots, New World Group Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager Dr. Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong said, “The Group is keen to recreate the successful, innovative family-focused D.PARK concept in mainland China. We wish to bring the benefits of the Theory of Multiple Intelligence to the children there and support them in unleashing their multiple intelligence capabilities.