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5 Nov

D.PARK Proudly Presents New Logo: The HK$700 million Overhaul Brings Along the First Parenting-Oriented Landmark Shopping Mall in New Territories West

After the hugely successful launch of K11, the world’s first original brand to pioneer the blend of Art.People.Nature,New World Development Company Limited (“New World Development”or “the Group”; Stock Code:17.HK) had invested HK$700 million in 2012 to overhaul Discovery Park. Embracing innovative ideas and having the strong commitmentto continueto upgrading, re-creatingand re-vitalisingthe local community, the Group is dedicated to makingthe new D.PARK  a parenting-orientedlandmark shopping mallin New Territories West.

D.PARK is set to presenta new logo to signify its new phase. The design of the new logo comes from Tangram, a transformation puzzle that consists of seven shapes of various geometries, which representsthe four brand elements of colourful, fun, playful and family. In the logo, the tiles are re-arranged to form the English alphabets“d” and “p”, symbolizing the re-creation of the shopping mallinto a colourful and fun leisure destination for families.

Dr Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong, Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager of New World Group said, “K11 is the world’s first museum retail, revolutionising the retail concept by effectively combining art with commerce. By leveraging the competitive edge of different brands, strengthening the clientele,and launching a new logo and designof the shopping mall, we are committed to making D.PARK  a parenting-orientedlandmark shopping mallin New Territories West, thereby leading the Group’s already diversified retail roadmap to a new phase.”

Tsuen Wan is the transportation hub that connects Kowloon and New Territories West.

D.PARK is situated next to Tsuen Wan MTR station and Castle Peak Road, which is the gateway to Sham Tseng, Belvedere Garden and Tuen Mun. With the continued growth of the population in Hong Kong and the government’s proactive development of a number of infrastructure and property projects in Tsuen Wan and New Territories West, more and more young families are settling in the area. The Group therefore strongly believes there is huge potential for a parenting-oriented landmark shopping mallin the New Territories West.

The overhaul of D.PARK would be completed by the first quarter of next year, which will greatly enhance the interior and exterior appearance of the shopping mall. The exquisite interior design of colourful geometric shapes will exertan energetic ambiance, while natural light coming through the 

glass atrium will bring nature intothe space.Thelush of greenery at theoutdoor plazawill create a comfortable and relaxing shopping experience.The Group predicts the shopping mall’s visitor numbers and turnover will respectively increase by 50% in the first year after the completion of the overhaul.


International children brands strengthen the tenant mix
5-star facilities to cater to parenting needs

With the total area of 630,000 square feet, D.PARK has nearly 140 shops and flagship stores. In order to cater to the needs of Hong Kong families, the Group has invited E• LAND, Korea’s largest fashion brand, to launch its first flagship store in Hong Kong. Spanning over 40,000 square feet,

E• LAND carries three premium brands – SPAO, WHO.A.U and TEENIE WEENIE – all of which target different customer segments. In addition, 70% of the stores in D.PARK incorporate children elements.

A total of 300,000 square feet of floor space is dedicated to catering children’s needs. There are nearly 30 renowned international children’s brands including the newly renovated Toys “R” Us, the newly launched baby spa brand BubbleBebe Spa, Trendyland Studio – the first in New Territories West and exclusive Disney licensed photography studio in Hong Kong, and Eugene Baby – the renovated over 7,000-square feet chain store selling products for pregnant women, infants and children. To better serve the needs of parents and their children, a majority of the nearly 20 restaurants in D.PARK offer healthy meal choices for children, and provide toys, high chairs and dedicated parking spaces for strollers. Meanwhile, the 5-star parenting facilities in D.PARK has received a number of accolades, including scoring high marks to win the New Century Forum “Hong Kong’s Best Nursery” award for two consecutive years.

By implementing the Group's new brand concept, The Artisanal Movement, D.PARK adheres to its heritage of providing premium shopping and leisure experiences in New Territories West. By expanding the K11 concept of merging art with commerce, and bringing art to the everyday lives of customers through the professionalism similar to artisans, D.PARK aims to create an outstanding parenting-oriented landmark shopping mall in New Territories West and further establish its brand image.